The new program for Peacock Kevin Hart, Hart to Heart, has had as guest star actor Don Cheadle on. An entertaining interview in which they reviewed War Machine’s career in Marvel, their dreams of becoming a jazz star or how they now live their private lives with fame. However, the moment that made all the headlines came with the reaction of the actor of Being Father to learn of Cheadle’s age

During the meeting between the two, Don began to discuss future generations and their responsibility. A few words between which he commented that he was 56 years old, causing an instant “damn it” from Hart. Cheadle’s back face and Hart’s reiterative apology are priceless.

Memes before Hart’s reaction

Although the program had been on the air for a few days, it was a tweet that made this moment go viral. This mobilized people in the networks, who were divided between those offended by the reaction of the comedian and actor with another of his practical jokes, and those who flaunted their imagination by sharing their own memes


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