Editorial Guideline

Guidelines for contents

TS Newswire Editorial team surveys for official statements and reviews. People require some kind of support for better results. It is necessary to know the accompanying rules with the articles. These rules help to write better articles:

  • Every article should be written with a proper and clear labeled author.
  • Every article should contain the name of the content partner. (corporate name)
  • Every article should contain mobile numbers for the content partner.
  • Articles should exclude the information about placeholder values for any number, metrics, or prices.
  • Articles must have a business address and mailings address.
  • Articles should contain 80+ titles and 300+ subheadings.

Some ideas to grow knowledge about indexation and helps to improve it.

  • This is a must to include exchange(s) and ticker(s) in the body. Also, one should include meta-information of their accounts.
  • It should be better if you include the company name, exchange, and tickers within the starting two paragraphs.
  • Identical contents should be avoided.

These articles should not support these types of content.

  1. Advertorial content: TS Newswire has selective interest over the topics that’s why does not support any information that is related to sell a product or service.
  2. Sexually Explicit Content: Contents should be written in a way that does not support any kind of sexual or illegal material.
  3. Harmful content: TS Newswire never defames or harm any person’s image. Content should be in a way that supports good things about anybody.

Topics that should be avoided:

  • Gambling and casino.
  • Health enhancement/ Reviews content.
  • Buy Now, click here, purchase, and other selling products.


The new policy has new rules. So according to the new rule, it states that posts will be live only for 90 days.

This is to be notified to you that, a website can change their post live for permanent or temporarily. But if they are providing us with a refund, we will give you a refund. But this is not yet confirmed. Thus, for other information, we will update you.

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