About Us

People are aware of the many rights they have got. But not every individual has proper knowledge about the rights they have. There comes a right know as the Right to information which includes that every person has the right to know the information about anything or everything. But accurately and transparently. Information is provided to people with fake ideas, knowledge, and accuracy. So it has become important to know accurate and real information.

Today, one of the leading PR agencies of the time is none other than TS NewsWire. Readers always want better and quicker access to information. Therefore, the main aim of ours is to provide better and accurate information to the readers. This is all done by a team of professionals.

How and why all this started?

Everyone aims to get information that is unique and has proper knowledge. There are segments in which the information is divided. Different segments give a unique way of providing information. That helps to differentiate us from others. The segments are different that comprises of mainly business news, economy news, and top stories. All this information makes the readers aware of accuracy and literacy.

For the ones who want better and amazing content for writing. This is the platform for them that has many experts and professionals. Thus, it is the best platform to work upon and gain useful knowledge for the readers.

Reasons to choose us:

Some points define us and give proper knowledge depending upon the uniqueness and why to choose us:

  • Leading brand. And trending in the first place always.
  • News with the latest information is spread to Google, Marketwatch.com, and FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and many others.
  • Moreover, Yahoo, Forbes India, ANI contain the information that we provide.
  • These are some websites that we all search for anything for the first time. So we provide useful and unique information to these websites.
  • Information that is provided by us is real and accurate. Also, we work beyond time.


The main vision of ours is to provide accurate and real news to the readers. We aim to give real news to the readers which helps them to stay away from fake news. Since the competition in everything has become very high, it has become important to give unique and real information. So we here provide a unique vision to the people and also, our information is above time.

People always like to know the real fact about anything and at the correct time. So we here provide accurate information for anything that a person needs. And also, with the right time, we give the right information so that one could use it at the time of need. We try to reach out to the people who require the right or accurate information.

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