Privacy Policy

What are the collections do we have in data? And why do we collect such pieces of information?


People usually comment on the site to give their reviews and we respect whatever may be the reviews. But sometimes there are many spam comments on the site. What we do, we take the IP address of the people and detect spam by collecting the data in the comments section.

To check whether one is utilizing the given policy or not there is a Gravatar Administration that supports much accessibility, this is performed by making an anonymous email address of yours. So the Gravatar Administration security strategy accessible here: Once the approval is done, your profile picture will be visible in the comment section.


It is very necessary to avoid any fraudulent images and images with embedded location data. (EXIF, GPS ) included. The one who is visiting the site must have the right to upload or extract data from images on the site. This is how it should work.

Contact details


When we find a comment left, we detect it and keep it under cookies for observation. By saving your email address, your name, and other important details. Since these cookies last for one year, therefore, you don’t have to refill the personal information again and again.

A cookie is temporarily set up to know that your browser accepts it or not. It does not contain any kind of personal information.

More cookies will be introduced when you will log in for keeping or saving the login and other important information. This cookie lasts for 2 days and the screen option lasts for a year. And if you logout from the account then, all the cookies will be deleted.

One more cookie is added to your account when you post the article which lasts for a day.

Embedded contents from other websites

Different websites contain similar embedded contents that are most websites have the same videos, images, or articles. So the thing is that these websites collect data about you using cookies, then the third party track, monitor and interact with the embedded content. But all this is possible if and only if one has logged into the site.


To whom we share your data and

How long we retain your data

In the comment section, if you leave any comment it automatically goes and is retained. This is to help us in approving and knowing the information or data without keeping it in the moderation queue.

There is a new feature that we can store personal information about any individual from their profile picture. But only for those who have registered on our website. This is all done so that users can have access to their personal information like they can use, edit, see or delete it whenever they want. Even the administrative can do all this.

Rights that you have over data

This applies only to the ones who have their account on the site. Either they have left some comments on the site. Also, for this work, one can go for the details or their personal data information that has been kept secured with us including everything that has been given to you.

Moreover, you can go for erasing the data that has been kept with us for personal safety. Though there is no use of data for any of the administrative, legal, or security purposes.

Where we send your data

To check whether the person is interested and not spam, a detection is being processed with a spam detection service.

  • Your contact information
  • Additional information
  • How we protect your data
  • What data breach procedures we have in place
  • What third parties we receive data from
  • What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data
  • Industry regulatory disclosure requirements