Scientists warn Britain:Threat to the unlocked world, Britain’s new health minister, who got the vaccine, got infected

Britain is going to be unlocked from Monday. 1200 scientists of the world have expressed concern on this. He has warned that unlocking in Britain will prove to be a threat to the whole world. Britain is a global transport hub, if a new variant is found here, it will not take long for it to spread to the world. Actually, a report has been published in the medical journal ‘Lancet’ about Britain’s unlock plan. It says that unlocking in the UK will give the vaccine-resistant variant a chance to spread. Scientists have written a letter to ‘Lancet’ in support of this.

New Zealand expert Michael Baker said – ‘We have been taking inspiration from Britain for scientific expertise. Now Britain’s unlock plan is surprising us. Here, for the first time since January 15 in Britain, more than 50 thousand new patients have been found in a day. On Friday, 51,870 new patients were found here. At present there are 8,18,421 active Korana patients in the country. On the other hand, Britain’s new Health Minister Sajid Javid (51) who took both doses of the vaccine was found to be Corona positive on Saturday. They are in self isolation.

Fear of Beta Variant: Coming from France to Britain will be Quarantine

The beta variant of Corona in France has raised concerns. Here 5,000 new cases of this variant are being found every day. This variant was first found in South Africa. According to experts, the AstraZeneca vaccine is less likely to be effective against this variant. After this, Britain has decided that it will keep people coming from France in quarantine for 10 days, even if they have got full vaccination. Britain has set this restriction only for people returning from France. Other countries will be exempted from this.

Australia: Situation critical in New South Wales, PPE kits are also short

111 new patients have been found in New South Wales, Australia. So many more patients have come here after 97 days. Therefore, the administration has banned the movement of people from many suburbs. Australia is following the ‘Zero Corona Policy’. At present, there are 1,126 active patients here. Here, there has been a severe shortage of PPE kits in the city of Sydney, New South Wales. After this the scavengers have refused to clean the hospital. The administration has ordered retail shops and other workplaces to remain closed in Sydney from Saturday.

New corona cases started increasing again in many countries including America, France, Spain

Corona cases have started increasing in America too. More than 40500 new cases were found here on Friday. This figure is the highest since May 8. Apart from this, 45591 cases were found in Brazil, 10908 in France, 31008 in Spain, 54 thousand in Indonesia and more than 25 thousand cases in Russia. According to the WHO, the delta variant has spread to more than 106 countries. Cases of this variant have increased in most countries. However, according to research, the risk of death from the delta variant for those who get the vaccine is up to 99% less.

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