Breast cancer treatment is now possible even without chemotherapy, there is no risk of side effects

There is great relief news for the people who are battling breast and lung cancer that now chemotherapy and radiation therapy will not be needed in the treatment of this disease. That is, cancer can be treated even without chemotherapy. The biggest advantage of this new drug is that the side effects caused by chemo and radiation therapy will also be avoided.In fact, Dr. of Baston, America, who had completely recovered from this incurable disease without chemotherapy. Seema Deshi has become a witness to this. Dermatologist Dr. When Seema came to know in 2019 that she had a cancerous lump in her breast, she was very scared. As a doctor, he knew that chemotherapy would have to be done.

Help choosing treatment options
Dr. Gabriel Hortobagi, a breast cancer specialist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, told him that for decades chemotherapy was considered a ‘rule, a principle’ for treating breast cancer and other cancers, but many cancer patients For this method is coming to an end. Dr. Gabriel says that the results of the genetic test help in selecting the treatment option.This tells whether chemotherapy will be beneficial or not. An alternative to Herceptin, estrogen blockers and drugs also target cancerous cells without harming normal and healthy cells. There are no side effects either.

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