How Many Companies In The Country Have a board of directors?

In Colombia, of the companies that operate in the country, 58.2% have a board of directors and half are family members.

This covers aspects such as property, senior management, board of directors, transparency, control, and corporate social responsibility.

There, the actions of 5,592 companies that report non-financial information to the Supersociedades are presented and foreign branches and companies that are in bankruptcy proceedings are discarded.

It concludes that 2,386 of the total companies are family organizations. Of the total, 25.9% are managed by the first generation. In addition, it is established that 58.2% of the companies have a board of directors, with an increase of 4% compared to 2019.

“ The vast majority, 46.3%, the boards are made up of three members, while 23, 3% is made up of 5 members ”, he warns. Likewise, it stands out that in these management bodies the space for women has expanded, going to 62.9% in 2020. The immediately previous year it was 58.4%.

The report details that the majority of board members are between 46 to 55 years old (42.3%), followed by 56 to 65 years (36.7%).

Likewise, it is established that the preferred communication channel for companies to communicate with their shareholders or partners is email (97.4%), followed by other channels (89.7%) and the management report (88.6 %).

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