Xbox, and PlayStation 5 Stores have taken An Impressive Matrix Tech demo.

The Matrix Awakens is about to enter its dream state. Epic’s graphically amazing tech demo for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, which is also sort of like a miniature open-world action game, will be delisted on July 9, the firm stated via its website. If you have previously included the free game in your collection of games, you will be able to continue downloading it even after July 9 has passed.

It is not difficult to argue that The Matrix Awakens is the video game that currently offers the highest level of graphic fidelity and is therefore the most realistic-looking option available. The Matrix Awakens was initially made available to the public in December of last year, at the same time that the fourth Matrix film was being shown in theatres, and it is a demonstration of Epic’s proprietary Unreal 5 game production engine. Even though the “gameplay” presented in the sample is only a minuscule portion of the full experience, photorealism can be said to be achieved.

impressive Matrix Tech demo xbox ps5

Its in-game faces, including those of Matrix stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, are practically impossible to differentiate from the real persons on whom they are based. Walking through the business district of Megacity is eerily similar to the experience of walking through the financial district of any big American city. You have some wiggle room with the lighting. It is possible to travel by car over urban roadways, which, unfortunately for the people living in Matrix-land, have not been destroyed. You even can change the number of people in a given area. It’s not exactly strong on “fun” gameplay—relying more on quick-time events than anything else—and it doesn’t fit into the larger Matrix tale all that effectively, but it’s a magnificent presentation of the next generation of quality in video games, and it’s worth checking out.

In April, during a “State of Unreal” Livestream that was designed to herald the official full release of Unreal 5, Epic revealed what exactly is possible by opening the hood on the game’s capabilities. It all appears to be quite stunning stuff to my inexperienced eye, and it seems to be inching video games closer and closer to the uncanny valley. And even though Matrix Awakens won’t be available for much longer, we’ll get the opportunity to experience other, probably more comprehensive Unreal 5 games in the not-too-distant future. The engine is being used for a variety of high-budget tentpoles that will be released shortly. These include new entries in Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider and CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher.

Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider

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