After The New Privacy Policy Of Whatsapp, Turkish President Erdwan Decided To Leave This App

There is a lot of controversy concerning the new privacy policy of Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp. The media wing of Turkish President Recep Tayyip

Erdogan has also set to go away with this app after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. According to the report of Aljazeera news channel, the officers of the President’s office said in a very statement released through WhatsApp on Sunday that from Monday, reporters can learn through the Turkish communication company Turkcell’s messaging app BiP

WhatsApp had informed concerning changes in its privacy policy this week. WhatsApp has said that below the new conditions, users’ knowledge will additionally be shared with Facebook and its other apps Instagram / Messenger. Below this, info of the user’s contact and profile data can be shared.

However, the content of the messages can still remain encrypted. WhatsApp users can have to accept the new privacy policy before the deadline of eight February.


As soon as the knowledge about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, the hashtag DeletingWhatsapp trended on Twitter in Turkey. According to Turkish government media, the Turkish company App BiP has reached one million users within 24 hours. A total of five.3 crore users of BiP are being told worldwide.

Ali Taha Kok, Chief of the Turkish Presidential Digital Transformation Office, additionally criticized WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.

He additionally raised questions regarding keeping the European Union and therefore the UK out of the new WhatsApp rules. Explain that the European Union has made terribly strict laws for the protection of the privacy of its voters and every company should follow these laws.

Ali Taha has appealed to Turks to use national and local apps like BiP and Dedi. Ali Taha said in a tweet, “The distinction between knowledge privacy in EU member states and other countries is totally unacceptable!”

As we have a tendency to have said in the information and Security Guidelines, all applications of foreign origin pose a significant threat to data security.

Therefore we tend to would like to secure our digital data through local and national software. This will keep Turkey’s information in Turkey.

In November, Turkey imposed serious fines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for violating laws created on social media. The new privacy policy of WhatsApp is being criticized in several countries as well as India. Several people are switching to signal and telegram by deleting WhatsApp.



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