Tokyo Olympics 2021 – Judo: Clarisse Agbégnénou at the rendezvous of the final for his revenge

Already a finalist at Rio 2016, the Frenchwoman hopes this time to win gold. 

Clarisse Agbégnénou offers herself revenge! Silver medalist in Rio in 2016, the French judokate will play the final of the Tokyo Olympics in the category of less than 63 kilos. The five-time world champion dominated the Canadian Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard in the semi-final on Tuesday July 27. In the final, she will meet the Slovenian Tina Trstenjak, who had beaten her on the Brazilian tatami mats in 2016 after having already dominated her in 2015 at the world championships.

Facing the 7th world, Agbégnénou  immediately dominated the fight, without getting impatient. Managing to catch the Canadian round, she scored the first waza-ari to lead. And push his opponent to action. But Agbégnénou never seemed in danger, as on a long streak  on the ground where the Canadian appeared without a solution. The stopwatch marched to seal the success of Agbegnenou, and ensure a 6th medal for the French delegation.

A faultless for a revenge

The Frenchwoman started her Olympic career against Cape Verdean Sandrine Billiet, beaten by an ippon thanks to a Tani-Otoshi projection. She then sidelined the Dutch Juul Franssen, 11th in the world, with a waza-ari. Agbégénou kept this short advantage until the end of regulation time.

After her victory in the semi-final, she offered herself a second final against Trstenjak. Since her setback in 2016, she has dominated her former pet peeve three times. A remake of which she can now rewrite the outcome.

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