Once again the incident of fighting between Israel and Palestine has come to the fore. A rocket was fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. It was stopped by the Iron Dome (Defense System) in Israel and no one was harmed. After this Israel also retaliated and destroyed a Hamas hideout by doing an airstrike.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) said the strike caused significant damage to the Hamas gunfire site. The site was built near a mosque and school. Israel claims that Hamas deliberately builds launching sites near mosques and schools, so as to blame Israel for damages in retaliation.Hamas terrorists fired rockets from Gaza on Friday night. Iron Dome detected it and ended it in the air. Sirens were sounded in the Eshkol area of ​​Israel as soon as the rocket was detected. After this, the IDF also attacked the hideout of terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. Recently, 6 prisoners of Islamic Jihad organization escaped from prison in Israel after breaking the jail. Of these, 4 were recaptured.


Qatar had promised to give $ 500 million.
Even before this, there has been a fierce war between Hamas and Israel. In this, Palestine had to suffer a lot. Qatar had promised $500 million in aid to Gaza after the war between May 10 and 21.


Hamas praises its Islamic Jihad

It is feared that Hamas may have fired rockets at Israel to rescue prisoners who had escaped from prison. Hamas issued a statement saying that the prisoner’s desire to run again could not be done away with.


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