Dangerous are ‘stalkerware’ apps; Looks like a calendar app in mobile but spying on it, Apple-Google has also considered them as a problem

There is a word in English ‘Stalker.’ It means ‘hunter by stealth’. Many applications and software on our computers, mobiles etc. are doing the same thing these days. Like- I myself downloaded ‘Flash Keylogger’ on mobile a week ago. It was written in its description that it can be helpful in online monitoring of everyone in the family. But shortly after downloading I realized that it has actually captured all the information about my personal life. When, where I go, what I search, watch, read, what I talk to people, etc.

In fact, this ‘flash keylogger’ was recording my every keystroke on the phone. In this way, I myself came under the supervision of its surveillance. In other words, it fell prey to its trap. That is why such software, applications are also colloquially called ‘stalkerware’. There is a lot of them on the google app store. A few are also on the Apple Store.

Once downloaded, it looks like a calculator or calendar app. But they are very dangerous. A few years ago they were numbered in the hundreds. Now in the thousands. Their names are also different. Like- ‘Mobile Tool’, ‘Agent’, ‘Cerberus’ etc. The activities of these softwares and applications have increased to such an extent that even Google and Apple are beginning to believe that they are becoming a problem.

US usage increased by 63% in nine months: Recently, a security firm named NortonLifeLock had surveyed. It was told that from last September to this May, the use of ‘stalkerware’ has increased by 63%. Meanwhile, the US Federal Trade Commission has also banned the appmaker named ‘Support King’. This is probably the first of its kind. Eva Galperin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights organization, says, ‘This is the worst case. Even our intimate moments are being spied on.

If the battery starts draining fast, then understand that ‘stalkerware’ has arrived


‘Stalkerware’ records calls, locations, photos. The number of times we write on the phone, computer, they also record and use it for our benefit. Experts say, if the battery of the phone, laptop is draining fast, then understand that some ‘stalkerware’ has arrived. If something suspicious or unusual is seen in this way, instead of deleting the app, its use should be stopped and information should be given to the security agencies.

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