France Government Strict About Corona, Announced To Impose Night Curfew On 15 December

The outbreak of the coronavirus (covid-19) epidemic continues in the world. The amount of patients infected with the coronavirus is increasing each day. At the same time, the quantity of corona virus-infected patients is increasing in France too. In view of this, it’s been announced to impose a night curfew in France.

Coronavirus cases in France are not taking the name of the freeze. Each day newly infected patients of the coronavirus are obtaining confirmed. In view of this, the French government is taking strict steps. At the identical time, an evening curfew has been imposed in France.

The French government has announced the imposition of a night curfew on December fifteen in view of the coronavirus epidemic.

There can be a night curfew in France from 8 pm to six am from 15 December. Apart from this, crowd gathering for celebrations on New Year’s Eve will conjointly be strict. Although new cases of coronavirus are being claimed to be declining in France, the French government does not need to be lax on the corona.

Let us apprehend that France is at range five among the countries most full of the Coronavirus. In France, an additional than 2.three million people have been infected with the Coronavirus therefore way. At the identical time, the series of deaths thanks to corona in France is additionally not taking the name of stopping. Thus so much in France, additional than 56 thousand individuals have died because of Coronavirus.

The state of affairs is deterirating rapidly because of the Corona in France. On Thursday, around 43 thousand new infections were confirmed here. The government admitted that this can be the largest range of infections so so much since the second wave started. Costs are deteriorating rapidly.

On Thursday, around 43 thousand new infections were confirmed here. The government admitted that this can be the largest figure of infection since the second wave began.

The US Department of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approved the employment of the drug remedisivir in the treatment of corona. This antiviral drug will now be utilized in America. According to a analysis by the National Institutes of Health, the use of this drug will recover the patient in 10 days instead of fifteen.

It was being utilized in the US since Could, but it had been then meant for serious patients or emergency use. Now its use has been approved in the treatment of hospitalized patients.

Spain is the primary country in Western Europe, where the number of infected has currently exceeded one million. The government has additionally created it clear that the second wave is probably to prove to be a lot of deadly, so strict restrictions can be imposed. On the other hand, the same scenario prevails in France. More than ten lakh cases have also been reported here.

Additional than 34 thousand individuals have died. The situation has improved slightly when curfew was imposed in 9 cities. About 40 thousand cases were reported in the primary day. On Wednesday, 25 thousand new cases were found here.

The French government has created it clear that it is identifying those areas that may influence be new clusters. A new curfew will be imposed in these areas. Emergency and red alert are issued in many hospitals of the country.

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