Controversy returns in the US over the arrest of a black teenager: “I can’t breathe”

After the controversy over the death of the African American George Floyd in Minnesota under pressure from a police officer, in the United States all police interventions are looked at with a magnifying glass and arouse suspicion.

This is what happened in Texas, in the case of a white police officer who immobilized a black teenager, supposedly to protect her from an attempt to harm herself, despite what the young woman began to shout “I can’t breathe” , the last phrase George Floyd said.

Neighbors nekia Trigg, 18, called last Tuesday’s police Forney, Texas, participating in what witnesses apparently thought it was a suicidal behavior, ie, supposedly walking in front of cars with the intention of being run over .

A Kaufman County Sheriff’s deputy appeared shortly after, and intervened, this being the image that was captured on video after members of Nekia’s family appeared on the scene and began filming.

In the video you can see Nekia pinned to the ground by the officer, identified as Conner Martin, who literally straddles her and holds his arms above her head. The young woman cries out desperately for help and screams that she is short of breath and in the process, appears to vomit or foam at the mouth.

Nekia’s family begs the agent, as well as others who show up not long after, to let her get up , but the police insist on handcuffing her to make sure she’s okay.

The scene concludes with the young woman being taken to the police car, after which her mother comes out to interpose herself between them and their daughter. The woman also ended up being arrested. Forney police have opened an investigation into the event .

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