Commentary and Awareness:Cases decreased by 35% in the US, 50% in the world; No increase in infection in any country in 2 months

Corona is not gone but is on the rise. During the last days, there has been a decrease in the number of new cases of corona and hospitalization of patients. In the US, there has been a 35 percent decrease in the cases of corona coming every day on September 1, while the worldwide cases have decreased by 30 percent as compared to August last year.

Dr. Eric Topal of Scripps Research says that the reduction in cases in the US can also be seen as a two-month pattern. Due to the delta variant, cases in the US had increased significantly in the past. Although there is no exact reasoning about the reduction in cases among pathologists, but University of Minnesota’s Prof. Michael Osterholm says that cases have also reduced due to vaccination campaigns around the world and people’s awareness of Korena.

Hospitalization rate decreased by 25% In the

US, after September 1, 2021, the hospitalization rate of corona patients has also declined by 25%. The death toll has also dropped after 20 September. There are 10% fewer deaths recorded. India, Indonesia, Thailand, France and Spain have also reported a decline in corona cases and deaths due to the delta variant now reducing its effect.

Has the era of Corona’s big wave passed?

Scientists are now in this discussion whether the phase of big wave of corona has passed. The big wave of Corona was not seen in any country of the world during the last two months. There has been a fluctuating trend in cases in the UK in the last two months. With the onset of winter season in America and more people staying in homes, cases are also coming down.

New Zealand has abandoned the Zero Kovid model New Zealand has abandoned the Zero Kovid model. New Zealand believes that the target of not having a single case cannot be achieved at the moment. In such a situation, people have to be careful and live with Corona. Till now in New Zealand, a strict lock-down was imposed for at least a week if a corona case was found anywhere.

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