Biden Government Gave This Warning Against Pakistan, Imran Khan’s Worries Will Increase

Pakistan has gotten its first mishap after Biden’s administration in the US. The US has given its tourism warning for three nations in South Asia, in which the excursion to Pakistan has additionally been portrayed as risky. America has advised its residents not to go to Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. The Foreign Ministry of America has given a different tourism warning for the three nations on Monday.

As indicated by the warning, Kovid-19, considering psychological oppression and shared viciousness, American residents ought to reexamine prior to going to visit Pakistan. In the wake of illegal intimidation and seizing episodes, America has additionally encouraged not to go to Pakistan’s Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa areas.

In the warning, Americans have been approached to avoid the India-Pakistan line (LoC) zone because of the chance of psychological warfare and equipped clash. It has been said in the warning, don’t go to territories close to the India-Pakistan line on the grounds that numerous fear based oppressor associations are dynamic here. There is a military presence of India and Pakistan on the two sides of the boundary and terminating on the LoC proceeds.

Aside from Pakistan, America has likewise cautioned its residents about heading out to Bangladesh. The warning states that separated from Kovid-19, US residents need to avoid potential risk-takingImran Khan into account episodes of wrongdoing, illegal intimidation, and grabbing in Bangladesh. Venturing out to Khagrachari, Rangamati, Bandarban is very hazardous as episodes of shared brutality keep on unfurling here. It has been encouraged to try not to go to Pakistan, Bangladesh just as Afghanistan. Kovid-19, wrongdoing, psychological warfare, interior agitation, abducting, and equipped clash have been referred to as the explanation for it.


Pakistan had expected a positive change in the Pakistan-US relationship with the happening to Biden’s administration. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Sunday said that the Biden organization ought to comprehend that Pakistan has changed a great deal over the most recent four years and the establishment of the relationship ought to be laid remembering the new ground reality.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi said, the world has changed a ton over the most recent four years, this district has additionally changed and Pakistan as well. Presently you need to build up a relationship with another Pakistan. Qureshi additionally composed a letter in such a manner to Antony Blinken, who turned into the unfamiliar priest in the Biden organization. Qureshi had said that we are not, at this point a nation of geo-key significance, however pushing forward from this, has additionally gotten significant from the viewpoint of geo-financial.

Lloyd Austin, who will turn into the protection services in the Biden government, additionally gave a solid message to Pakistan about psychological oppression in an articulation. He said that he would pressurize Pakistan not to permit its nation to be a place of refuge for fear-based oppressors and fundamentalists. Austin had told the Senate Armed Services Committee that he would ask Pakistan not to permit savage fanatic associations and psychological militants to utilize their property.

He additionally communicated disappointment about not making a move against fear monger associations of Pakistan. Austin said Pakistan’s activity against counter India fear based oppressor associations Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jack-e-Mohammed is inadequate. Simultaneously, Austin had said about India, “We will keep on being India’s principle guard accomplice and will extend the extent of safeguard collaboration through the Quad.” The quad incorporates the US, Japan, Australia, and India.

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