In southern Italy and therefore the Calabria region there has been devastation due to rain and storms. Debris is strewn on the roads thanks to the storm. Due to the current, the roads have become a graveyard of cars.

In South Italy and the Calabria region, there was devastation because of rain and storm. Debris is strewn on the roads due to the storm. Due to the present, roads became cemeteries of cars.

The storms in Italy and the Calabria region have caused nice havoc. Normal life has been badly affected due to the current storm.

It is being told that this storm was so severe that several bodies have washed away from the cemetery and reached France. At the identical time, debris has been scattered on the roads because of storms and rain, in which vehicles are sunk for several feet.

Vehicles Buried In Rubble

In fact, the storm in southern Italy and also the Calabria region has wiped out the road names. Roads collapsed at several places, because of which several vehicles were damaged.

The storm was thus terrible that several vehicles were loaded on top of it and stuffed with mud, debris, and dirty water for several meters. Here significant rains and storms created the roads a graveyard of vehicles.

Relief And Rescue Work Intensified

The storm was thus terrible that several people got trapped together with the vehicles. At the same time, thanks to continuous rains, relief and rescue work also became troublesome.

Firemen engaged in relief and rescue work were conjointly stunned by the case when the storm. The killer storms have lashed Italy for 2 days in succession resulting in a number of its most famous landmarks being closed and forcing tourists in Venice to wade through knee-high waters.

Several of the deaths were caused by trees crashing down on cars and crushing pedestrians while 2 surfers lost their lives. The victim killed by a landslide was found buried by mud in her home near Trento in northern Italy while a person who was slammed against rocks while windsurfing in Emilia-Romagna.

In Veneto, in northeast Italy, authorities found a person, 61, whose body had been swept additional than a half a mile far from his car.

Hundreds of rescuers continue the rummage around for stranded survivors after storms and torrential rain caused severe flooding across northern Italy where roads were washed away and villages bring to a halt.

2 people were reported to possess died within the flooding and landslides in Piedmont. On Sunday and Monday, five bodies were found in the ocean off Liguria. They are believed to have been over-excited in the Val di Roya valley between Italy and France.

A volunteer firefighter died in Italy’s Aosta Valley throughout a rescue operation and a man was killed once his car was washed away within the river Sesia, regarding one hundred kilometers (sixty miles) additional east.

Storm Alex barrelled into France’s west coast on Thursday bringing powerful winds and rain across the country before stepping into Italy, where torrential rain of up to 50 centimeters (twenty inches) and high winds crashed into the border space.

Bernard Gonzalez, the prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes region, said: “Just as a result of their loved ones hasn’t been in a position to get in touch does not mean that they have been taken by the storm.”

He said the prospect of a lot of rain was “a worry”Meteorological agency Météo-France said 450mm (seventeen.7in) of rain fell in some areas over 24 hours – the equivalent of nearly four months at this point of the year, reports Reuters news agency.

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