Thousands of Americans, including Dolly Parton, are lined up to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine.

In March, the country singer shared a photo of herself getting vaccinated while wearing a glitzy sequin blouse on Twitter. Her shirt, as fashionable as it was, served a practical purpose: Dolly was able to get vaccinated without having to undress or remove any clothes thanks to the cold-shoulder top.

Others, including celebrities like Christie Brinkley and Jennifer Lopez, were inspired by Dolly’s vaccination dress.

A face mask

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Revolve, a popular online fashion company even created a “vaccine-ready” apparel collection with cut-out and cold-shoulder tops and dresses.

Experts advise that while what you wear to your immunization appointment may not be your top priority, it is something to consider. “Because the vaccination is given in the deltoid muscle of the arm (upper arm), clothing that allows simple access to the upper arm will make it much easier to acquire the vaccine.” Integrated Director of Infection Prevention and Control at MedStar Health in Baltimore, Shawn Mueller, DNP, RN.

To help you prepare for your impending checkup, we’ve compiled a list of vaccination-friendly clothing options, ranging from our favorite face mask to Dolly-inspired cold-shoulder blouses.

It’s probably second nature to grab your face mask on your way out the door at this point. According to the CDC, you should not only wear your mask to your vaccine appointment (most places will demand it), but you should also continue to wear it afterward to be safe. We found the Athleta masks to be the best of all the face masks we’ve evaluated at Reviewed. With its triple-layered structure, they’re breathable and comfy while yet providing plenty of protection.

A sleeveless top for easy access

A face mask

Because the injection site for the COVID-19 vaccination is right below your shoulder, you’ll need to remove your long-sleeved shirt entirely to expose your upper arm if you’re wearing one. A tank top is a fantastic method to be covered while also providing an easy point of entry. For ladies, there are a variety of options, such as the Hanes tank, or something a little more trendy, such as this Miholl tank with thousands of positive ratings. This Baleaf tank is a terrific alternative for your immunization appointment and a great addition to your training wardrobe for guys because of its comfortable fit and sweat-wicking characteristics.

A short-sleeved shirt that you can push up


Not sure if a tank top is right for you? A short-sleeved blouse with sleeves you can simply scrunch up to expose your upper arm is an equally acceptable alternative. Amazon’s in-house brands have plenty of wonderful tees in a variety of styles and colors for both men and women. You can snag a two-pack of Amazon Essentials women’s crewneck tees, which have nearly 20,000 reviews, or this men’s T-shirt from Goodreads, with a convenient pocket and tag-free—i.e., itch-free—neckline.

 A cardigan for layering


Tank tops and short-sleeved shirts are fantastic in principle, but they’re not so great when it’s 30 degrees outside and you’re running late for your appointment. That’s why UCHealth doctors advise wearing layers that can be readily removed when it’s time to get vaccinated, like a cardigan or jacket. Thousands of Amazon customers have commended each of these chunky knit cardigans for being very soft and warm, as well as for fitting easily over additional layers.

A cold-shoulder top that exposes your upper arm


Dolly was on to something when she wore a stylish cold-shoulder top to her vaccination appointment. The cutouts on the top of your arm make it simple for the healthcare provider to reach the right injection site. This Amazon top has hundreds of five-star reviews and is available in plain colors as well as attractive floral motifs, while this best-selling cold-shoulder dress is praised for its airy yet flattering fit.

A loose-fitting shirt that isn’t restrictive

For your immunization visit, not all short-sleeved shirts are created equal. Dr. Janet O’Mahony, a primary care physician at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, adds that “tight-fitting T-shirts often won’t go high enough,” adding, “The immunization sites are too public to want to pull the whole shirt off.” The relaxed-fit shirt is here to save the day. This women’s one is very popular on Amazon for its roomy design and plethora of prints and colors to choose from, while this men’s Carhartt tee has over reviews thanks to its comfort and quality.

A fun piece to lighten the mood

Actress Ashlie Atkinson told that getting vaccinated was a big deal for her, which is why she went to her appointment in a floor-length sequin gown. Even if you don’t want to go to those extremes (pun intended), you may still dress up in a fun way to help you relax before the event. Consider this dazzling mask, which has received over 1,400 positive reviews, or this sequin top, which is one-shouldered and vaccine-friendly.

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