Young girl shows her cat’s funny reaction when she watches videos of other pets

Through a video posted on TikTok, the hilarious expression of a pussycat was revealed when its owner watched viral clips of animals.

It will make you laugh. Through TikTok , a video starring Lucky , an adorable cat , has gone viral . The little animal impressed thousands of netizens in a funny scene set in the United States. The images showed the unique moment broadcast on multiple social networks.

In the clip shared by the user account @Josepartl, it was possible to see how the owner used her cell phone to capture the hilarious behavior of her beloved pet.

She captured the sequence in which she observes a viral video of a person who records his pussy to show the tender occurrences of this and thus share them with his followers. However, Lucky had a particular gesture when listening to the musical background that identifies this sensational trend.

The most striking thing was to see the facial expression of the cat, in what appeared to be a refusal to both carry out the same trend.

“The kitten makes it clear that he does not want to make that video”, “The cat judges her with his eyes”, were some of the comments from users. On TikTok, the images garnered more than 261,000 likes and nearly two million views.

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