Oxygen supply slow in Florida, space is running out in morgues too

Due to Corona in America, the health system has started crumbling again, especially in those states where the pace of vaccination has come to a standstill. Most of these states are governed by Trump’s Republican Party. In such states, ICUs are filling up fast and hospitals are floundering in arranging oxygen.

On an average, more than 2 thousand deaths are taking place in America every day. The situation is so bad that in many morgues there is no place to keep the dead bodies. Hospitals have to place orders for portable morgues. Oxygen supply is critically low in 68 Florida hospitals. Donna Cross, director of the medical facilities and construction department in this state, tells Dainik Bhaskar, “The situation is so dire that hospitals have to use up their reserve oxygen supply.

We have never seen such a situation. Similar situations exist in Kentucky and Texas. The record number of patients in Kovid hospitals has increased the pressure on doctors and nurses. Hospitals in Idaho have announced they are adopting ‘crisis standards’ for health care. This means that in emergencies with limited ICU and oxygen supply, priority will be given to those who have a higher chance of survival.

“The delta variant is swallowing people’s lungs,” explains Dr. Ahmed Elhaddad Bhaskar, one of the senior doctors in the ICU in Florida. People of 30, 40, 50 years are dying in this wave. There is not a single patient in my ICU who has been vaccinated. ICUs across the country are full of corona infected patients.

At least five states — Arkansas, Louisiana, Hawaii, Mississippi and Oregon — have broken old records of hospitalizations. Florida had the highest hospitalization rate last week. The delta variant is the only vaccine to protect against, but more than 60% of people in South Carolina, Louisiana and Texas are yet to be vaccinated. Moreover, the space in the morgues to keep the dead bodies is running out in the state.

In Florida, there have been an average of 227 deaths every day in the last week. The State Disaster Medical Unit has procured 14 portable morgues with a capacity of 12 dead bodies. The unit’s executive director, Lynn Drydy, tells Bhaskar that area hospitals told her there was no space left in the morgue last week, leading to a delay in the funeral. On the other hand, people’s trust in the vaccine is increasing after the situation worsens.

A Kaiser Family Foundation survey has revealed that 40% of people who have recently been vaccinated said that they took the vaccine because of the increasing case of Kovid. More than a third said overcrowding in hospitals and rising deaths prompted them to seek the vaccine. Because of this, the target of giving one dose to 77% of the population in the US has been met on time.

Doctors said: 90% of those deaths were not vaccinated

A doctor in Michigan said that some patients of Kovid-19 are refusing to take Kovid treatment and calling the disease a fraud. Doctor Matthew Trunsky at Beaumont Health Hospital in southeastern Michigan says that some patients who die of Kovid tell them that you are a bad doctor.

I do not have covid and will die, but will not take the covid vaccine. This is a fraud. He further says that more than 100 patients have died of corona in his hospital and 9 out of 10 had not been vaccinated. So far 7.11 lakh deaths have occurred due to Kovid in America.

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