In view of the danger of Corona, Bhutan has announced a lockdown. The Prime Minister of Bhutan, Lotay Tshering, announced that the lockdown can be imposed in the country for seven days starting these days i.e. 23 December.

During this inter-state traffic can be fully closed. In addition, Kovid-19 Taskforce can issue pointers from time to time.

PM Lotte Tshering said that we tend to have news of local transmission. During a few days solely 5 cases have been reported in Thimphu, three in Paro, and one in Lamozingkha.

These conjointly came up during the voluntary check. All these matters are worrisome. Therefore a nationwide lockdown is announced. This lockdown can begin on 23 December.

Let us tell you that when the invention of new strains of Corona in Britain, there is a stir in several countries. Britain announced a lockdown here.

At the same time, several countries together with India have banned flights coming from Britain. Different tips are being issued by the countries concerning New Year and Christmas too.

Thus way, 479 cases of corona are reported in Bhutan, of which 430 folks have been cured. Not a single person has died in Bhutan from Corona.

That is, Bhutan has succeeded in saving its countrymen from Corona. The total population of Bhutan is seven.54 lakhs (as per 2018 calculations).

The Bhutan PM said that the lockdown would enable the government to manage the spread of the disease and additionally stop it from spreading in the communities.

All the mandatory services will be obtainable during the lockdown, there will be no restriction on the provision of essential things like vegetables, milk, and medicines. All schools, institutes, offices, and business institutions will stay closed.

Lotte Schering conjointly said that the agencies involved will guarantee that there’s no problem in the provision of essential commodities including commodities, vegetables, and animal food among the country.

He said that in view of the cases, the period of lockdown would be thought of to be extended.]\

Bhutan Prime Minister Lotte Tshering on Tuesday informed concerning the second lockdown within the country. The lockdown is implemented from today. The Prime Minister tweeted that a nationwide lockdown can be implemented for seven days from December 23, 2020.

The inter-district restrictions imposed this morning will stay in force as before. The National Covid-19 Taskforce has set to take additional drastic action after several cases of flu clinics in Thimphu and Paro are reported.