Coronavirus: Corona There Is A Growing Threat Of Corona. Many Countries In Europe Have Banned Uk Flights.

When the introduction of the corona vaccine, the world hoped that currently there would be some relief from the coronavirus.

However, with the introduction of Corona in the United Kingdom, the globe’s concern has increased again. Currently, many countries are on alert. Several European Union countries have banned flights coming from the UK currently.

France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy are the countries that have imposed a flight ban on the UK. The ban has been imposed when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that folks ought to not crowd the markets on Christmas, New Year, as a new virus of Corona has started spreading.

Let us tell you that France has imposed a 48-hour travel ban on the UK so that any preparations will be created in the meantime. Apart from France, Germany has additionally banned the flight since Sunday and has asked to check the passengers thus far.

Everyone is stunned after obtaining a brand new look at Corona in the United Kingdom. The US is additionally maintaining a tally of it, whereas the World Health Organization has spoken to the UK government.

Let us tell you that this new kind of corona is being monitored in India further, on Monday, the Union Health Ministry has referred to as an important meeting on this subject.

This new form of Corona has emerged when the globe is obtaining success in the sector of the vaccine. So so much, two vaccines are approved and use has conjointly started. Vaccination within the United States and the United Kingdom goes on during a big method.

Several countries of the European Union have banned flights from the UK when the UK government issued a warning that the virus would be ‘out of management’. At the same time, Britain has conjointly implemented strict lockdown since Sunday.

PTI quoted sources as saying that a joint monitoring cluster will meet on Monday below the chairmanship of the Director-General of Health Services (DGHS) to discuss the new kind of coronavirus in Britain.

The planet Health Organization (WHO) representative in India, Dr. Roderico H. Offrin, is additionally a member of the Joint Monitoring Group (JMG).

Once the new sort of coronavirus came out in South England, many countries of the European Union have banned flights coming back from Britain therefore that the outbreak does not reach their countries.

Meanwhile, Germany is additionally considering limiting flights from the UK, while the Netherlands has banned flights from the UK until a minimum of the end of this year.

On the other hand, Austria and Italy have said that they will ban flights returning from Britain. However, he refused to share any information concerning the timing of the ban. Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo said on Twitter that the govt is taking necessary steps to safeguard the residents of Italy from the new sort of Coronavirus.

On Sunday, about 2 dozen flights from Britain are to leave for Italy. Meanwhile, German officials are considering a heavy difference to flights originating from Britain, but so way no action has been taken.

At the same time, the Czech Republic has implemented the rule of isolation for folks coming back from Britain. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew on Sunday said that as a precaution, he’s prohibiting flights from the UK for the next 24 hours from midnight



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