Power crisis deepens in China, smartphone supply may be interrupted, prices may increase

The power crisis in the neighboring country of China has deepened. This threatens social instability, economic slowdown and global supply chain collapse. The people of the northern provinces in China are battling the blackout. In some cities, there is an atmosphere of chaos on the roads due to the closure of traffic lights. The economy has also been deeply hurt. The economy of Guangdong, the southern industrial center of China, is larger than that of Australia.

After power cuts in factories here, people are being asked to make limited use of air-conditioners in their homes. A metal casting factory shut down ventilation due to a power outage in China’s Liaoyang city. Due to this, poisonous gas spread there and 23 people had to be admitted to the hospital.Here, in Britain on Tuesday, there was a fight and stabbing between people queuing at petrol pumps. Addressing the country, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the problem of supply is gradually coming under control.

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