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Ivanka Trump Shares Photo With Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mentions Indo-American Friendship

Ivanka Trump, daughter of US President Donald Trump and adviser in the White House, shared her recollections concerning India.

Ivanka came to India to participate in the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, where she shared the stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ivanka shared a message on her Twitter account once three years of this event.

Ivanka Trump wrote in her tweet, “The recollections of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India are renewed, where she attended the program with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Today, when the world is facing different difficulties together with Corona, the friendship between India and America is popping into stronger in economic, security, and other areas. ‘

Let us tell you that Ivanka Trump had come to Hyderabad in 2017, where the Global Entrepreneurship Summit was held from twenty-eight to thirty November.

Ivanka had led the US delegation throughout now, PM Modi himself was a gift during this program. Ivanka Trump and PM Narendra Modi conjointly mentioned the robot during now.

Significantly, currently, President Donald Trump has lost the election in America and shortly his family can say goodbye to the White House. Ivanka Trump has additionally been in the news for moving out of Washington for the past few days.

According to American media, Ivanka Trump will shift to New York along with her husband and youngsters again where she can build a recent beginning.

Ivanka Trump has been operating as an advisor to her father inside the White House for a previous couple of years, visiting many countries of the world. Participated in very important events furthermore charity connected events.

The footage that Ivanka shared on Instagram was clicked at the Global Entrepreneurship Committee in Hyderabad. Where 39 years led 350 delegations in November 2017.

President Trump’s advisor Ivanka had praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to India. He praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the promise of special modification in India.

He wrote at intervals the caption with the pictures, as long as the war against Corona continues across the globe, this friendship is a ton of necessary than ever before in the protection of our countries and in maintaining economic stability.

The political relationship between India and America has improved ever since Donald Trump visited India and took part in the Namaste Trump program. Let me tell you, India and America are the 2 countries most suffering from Corona.

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