Video of America’s Vice President will Make Emotional, When will Kamla Harris Call a Nurse

A Chicago nurse will never forget this year’s Thanksgiving Day. The nurse was surprised when the Vice President called.

A Chicago nurse will never forget this year’s Thanksgiving Day. On a special occasion, he received a call from Kamala Harris, the newly elected Vice President of America. Harris called and thanked him for serving humanity during the Covid-19 epidemic.

Kamala Harris calls a nurse thanks

On Thursday, Harris spoke to University of Chicago Medical Center nurse Talisa Hardin via video calling. During this, he thanked him for helping in the war against the coronavirus epidemic and came to know about his experience as a nurse. Harris shared a video clip of herself calling on Instagram.

Praised the role played during the Corona epidemic

The video posted on social media platforms is becoming increasingly viral. According to CNN, Talisa Hardin informed Kamala Harris about her fight on the epidemic front in a 15-minute book. He told how he and his associates had to buy their PPE kits because the necessary equipment was not provided by the hospital. He also told Harris how shameful it is because you will not send a soldier without a protective shield to the battlefield.

In May, Hardin, as a representative of the National Nurses Association, raised the issue of earning safety equipment for medical workers in front of a committee. They had reported, “The percentage of patients found positive in the coronavirus examination is extremely high. But our hospital management has consistently refused to provide safety equipment to my unit’s nurses to prevent infection.”

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