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Gameloft opens its first video game development studio in France

The size of the team is still very modest, but this is nonetheless a first for Gameloft. The French video game group has just opened a development studio in France with around ten employees, located at the group’s headquarters in Paris, which should eventually have its own premises.

“We hired about ten people from the Rubika school who were working on a joint project for a game that convinced us,” explains Stéphane Roussel, CEO of Gameloft, which has belonged to Vivendi since 2016. The team is also made up of more experienced people. We are still going to recruit with the objective of reaching around thirty employees by the end of the year. Until then, Gameloft had studios located in America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. But not in France.

With Gameloft Paris, the group – historically focused on mobile titles – intends to accelerate its new strategy: launch 100% PC and console games, without refraining from bringing the title to smartphones and tablets afterward. A real change of course but also a natural evolution.

In recent years, Gameloft has occasionally developed high-end mobile titles with production budgets of over €10 million and equivalent to “double-A” (mid-range) titles on consoles and PC. This did not prevent it from struggling to emerge in this rat race that is the mobile game market.


First two 100% PC and console titles this year

The Gameloft Paris studio will therefore tackle a title for consoles and PC which should be released in the second half of 2023. In the meantime, Gameloft will launch its first two 100% console and PC games this year (with a model still “free-to-play”, the titles being free and equipped with paid bonuses) via the releases of the racing game “Disney Speedstorm”, planned for this summer, then of the life simulation title “Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Two very big projects insight for the company which raised its head last year. In 2021, Gameloft’s revenues grew by 4.5% over one year, to 265 million euros. Its highest level since 2018. And profitability is back in the green with an adjusted operating profit of 8 million, against -24 million a year earlier. This welcome improvement, after several delicate exercises, nevertheless resulted in a depreciation of 200 million Gameloft in Vivendi’s accounts, reducing its value to 400 million.

Games on Apple Arcade and on Netflix

There is a delay effect. This is due to the years that followed the takeover of Gameloft where we encountered difficulties, points out Stéphane Roussel who is also a general manager in charge of operations at Vivendi. But Gameloft is very well positioned between its new strategy and the content war. More and more tech giants are indeed very demanding in video game productions to feed their various platforms.

Five Gameloft games (including “The Oregon Trail”) are already on Apple Arcade, the iPhone maker’s paid offering. A virtuous model for the French firm since the Cupertino group pays the development costs and then pays a share according to the popularity of the games on its service.


Last year, Gameloft also took its first steps on Netflix’s games to offer one of its old titles, “Asphalt Xtreme”, for a fixed sum. Content needs that are not about to dry up.

Gameloft Paris, the French group intends to accelerate its new strategy: to launch 100% PC and console games. A real change of course but also a natural evolution for Gameloft historically focused on mobile titles. In 2021, the group belonging to Vivendi returned to growth after several delicate exercises.

A Cyber-Attack deprives Thousands Of Internet Users In France!

A “cyber-event” on the day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia caused a breakdown on Viasat, an American satellite operator of which Orange, in particular, is a customer via a subsidiary.

Thousands of Internet users are deprived of the Internet in France and Europe due to a probable cyber-attack on a satellite network, which occurred at the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine. According to Orange, “nearly 9,000 subscribers” to a satellite Internet service from its subsidiary Nordnet, in France, are deprived of the Internet following a “cyber-event” which occurred on February 24 within Viasat, an American satellite operator of which he is the customer.

Eutelsat, the parent company of the bigblu satellite internet service, also confirmed to AFP on Friday evening that around a third of the 40,000 bigblu subscribers in Europe (Germany, France, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Poland) were affected. by the breakdown on Viasat. In the United States, Viasat said on Wednesday that a “cyber event” had caused “a partial network outage” for customers “in Ukraine and elsewhere” in Europe dependent on its KA-SAT satellite. Viasat gave no further details, confining itself to indicating that “the police and state partners” had been notified and “were assisting” with the investigations

Commercial satellite operator Viasat is investigating a suspected cyberattack that caused a partial outage of its KA-SAT network in Europe. Network data indicate that the incident began on 24 February ~4 a.m. UTC and is currently ongoing

Fear of “splash”

While the euphemism “cyber-event” left little doubt that it was a cyber-attack, the fact was confirmed on Thursday by General Michel Frieling, who heads the French Space Command.

A cyber-attack“For a few days, shortly after the start of operations, we have had a satellite network which covers Europe in particular and in particular Ukraine which was the victim of a cyberattack, with tens of thousands of terminals which have been returned inoperative immediately after this attack”, he indicated during a press briefing organized by the Ministry of Defence, specifying that he was talking about “a civilian network, Viasat”.

Military and cyber specialists fear that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will give rise to an outbreak of cyber-attacks, a “cyber-Armageddon” with significant consequences for civilians in Ukraine and Russia, but also in the rest of the world, for example. spillover or “splash” effect, to use the term recently used by a French military official.

For now, the worst-case scenario seems to have been avoided, with the observed attacks appearing contained in their effects and geographic scale.

Sites also blocked in Russia

Cybersecurity companies have observed attacks in Ukraine with a new data-destroying virus, the real effects of which are little known. In Russia, institutional sites have been made inaccessible from abroad, to protect them from denial of service (DOS) attacks that regularly render them inoperative.

Google Threatens To Shut Down Its Search Engine In Australia, Know The Entire Matter

There’s a deadlock between Google and therefore the Australian government over the media payment law. This law is currently being debated at intervals by the Australian Parliament. Voting would possibly conjointly be held soon.

There has been a deadlock between the Australian government and Google over the ‘Media Payment Law’ for nearly a month. Now Google has threatened the Australian government to ban its search engine in the country.

Google has threatened that the corporate can clean up its search engine within the country if it’s forced to pay native news publishers. At the same time, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that he will not react to the threats.

Earlier, Google had blocked Australian news websites in search. On this, the Australian government said that Google ought to focus on paying for our content instead of banning it.

Actually, there’s a deadlock between Google and also the Australian government over the media payment law. The government of Australia is working on a draft of this law. Under this law, every Google and Facebook may have to pay to show the news of native media corporations on their search engine. This law is currently being debated in Parliament. Voting may additionally be held soon.

Apart from Google, Facebook, totally different tech corporations are opposing this law of the Australian Government. Google has warned that if the govt. is forced to pay media companies, then free search services in Australia will be withdrawn. Then folks here will like to pay to use Google.

But this may be what Google is paying publishers to in France. Google, which’s earning tons of bucks by showing news of French newspapers with search ads, can share this quantity with newspapers too. Because Google eventually must bow to the ability of France.

Google and French newspaper organization APIG Alliance have said that Google will contribute from the revenue earned from an advertisement on newspaper politics and general news. The payout rate will be totally different from the number of news views and information levels on every Internet.

The Court of Paris had asked Google to compromise in October when that Google agreed to a few corporations in November. However, agencies just like the press institutions and ASP rejected it, and eventually, Google had to kneel.

US: Google Takes Steps Before Swearing In, Political Advertising Stopped Till January 21

Search engine Google has banned political advertisements until 21 January. The company has taken this step once the violence in the Capitol Hill of America.

Within the mail sent to the advertisers, Google said that we have a tendency to have taken this call-in reading of the unprecedented events of the last week and the swearing-in ceremony within the US on January 20.

Search engine Google has banned political advertisements until 21 January. The company has taken this step when the violence in the Capitol Hill of America.

Within the mail sent to the advertisers, Google said that the unprecedented events of the last week and also the swearing-in ceremony in America on January 20 Given this, we have taken this call.

Google said that it has quickly stopped political advertisements in connection with Capitol Hill violence, impeachment, swearing-in ceremony.

The company had taken this call to stop misinformation throughout the presidential election in America.

Sundar Pichai

Let us grasp that the newly elected President of America, Joe Biden can take the oath of office on January twenty. At the same time, in Capitol Hill, Washington last week, there was a heap of uproar by supporters of Donald Trump.

Trump supporters stormed into Capitol Hill with weapons, ransacked, drove out, and captured senators. After a protracted struggle, the protection forces pulled them out and secured Capitol Hill. 5 people are confirmed dead in the violence.

On the other hand, impeachment proceedings have conjointly begun against President Donald Trump. The US House of Representatives on Wednesday commenced session proceedings for impeachment against Donald Trump.

Voting for impeachment can be held in the lower house of America concerning the role of Donald Trump in the violence in the US Parliament advanced. Democrats accused President Trump of inciting his supporters to attack Parliament.

According to NBC News, 215 Democrat MPs and five Republican MPs have supported impeachment against Trump. Impeachment requires 218 votes. Within the midst of these developments, Google has taken this action relating to the advertisements.

After The New Privacy Policy Of Whatsapp, Turkish President Erdwan Decided To Leave This App

There is a lot of controversy concerning the new privacy policy of Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp. The media wing of Turkish President Recep Tayyip

Erdogan has also set to go away with this app after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. According to the report of Aljazeera news channel, the officers of the President’s office said in a very statement released through WhatsApp on Sunday that from Monday, reporters can learn through the Turkish communication company Turkcell’s messaging app BiP

WhatsApp had informed concerning changes in its privacy policy this week. WhatsApp has said that below the new conditions, users’ knowledge will additionally be shared with Facebook and its other apps Instagram / Messenger. Below this, info of the user’s contact and profile data can be shared.

However, the content of the messages can still remain encrypted. WhatsApp users can have to accept the new privacy policy before the deadline of eight February.


As soon as the knowledge about the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, the hashtag DeletingWhatsapp trended on Twitter in Turkey. According to Turkish government media, the Turkish company App BiP has reached one million users within 24 hours. A total of five.3 crore users of BiP are being told worldwide.

Ali Taha Kok, Chief of the Turkish Presidential Digital Transformation Office, additionally criticized WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.

He additionally raised questions regarding keeping the European Union and therefore the UK out of the new WhatsApp rules. Explain that the European Union has made terribly strict laws for the protection of the privacy of its voters and every company should follow these laws.

Ali Taha has appealed to Turks to use national and local apps like BiP and Dedi. Ali Taha said in a tweet, “The distinction between knowledge privacy in EU member states and other countries is totally unacceptable!”

As we have a tendency to have said in the information and Security Guidelines, all applications of foreign origin pose a significant threat to data security.

Therefore we tend to would like to secure our digital data through local and national software. This will keep Turkey’s information in Turkey.

In November, Turkey imposed serious fines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for violating laws created on social media. The new privacy policy of WhatsApp is being criticized in several countries as well as India. Several people are switching to signal and telegram by deleting WhatsApp.



UK : Broadband Offering Speeds Of Up To 1Gbps Is Now Available One In Four Home

Yet, 600,000 individuals in towns and more rustic areas stay confined to 10Mbps or less.

This year has seen expanded interest for quicker associations, with numerous individuals telecommuting. The public authority had guaranteed everybody admittance to broadband rates of up to 1Gbps by 2025 – yet that target has been sliced to 85% of homes.

Ofcom organization and correspondences bunch chief Lindsey Fussell stated: “For a large number of families this year, life during lockdown would have been much more troublesome without solid broadband to work, learn, play and see friends and family.”

So it is empowering the future-confirmation 1Gbps broadband is presently accessible to a fourth of homes and we anticipate that that should rise considerably quicker in current months.

virgin Media offers link administrations, while Openreach, a side project from BT, has the obligation regarding by far most of the fiber-optic associations.

There are additionally a small bunch of elective suppliers offering bespoke quick broadband administrations in different districts of the UK.

The finding is from Ofcom’s yearly Connected Nations report, which examinations the accessibility of broadband and portable administrations across the UK and every one of its countries.

The current year’s report comes as a large number of individuals keep on telecommuting due to the Covid pandemic, which has seen a critical move in when, where, and how individuals get on the web and settle on decisions.

Gigabit-skilled broadband offers download paces of up to 1 Gbit/s, ordinarily quicker than the UK’s present normal broadband speed (72 Mbit/s).

This quicker association can more readily uphold family units needing to stream, work, and study on the web – all simultaneously.

Almost 8,000,000 UK homes (27%) can get gigabit broadband, which incorporates full fiber administrations and Virgin Media’s quickest link bundle. Northern Ireland has the most elevated accessibility, with the greater part of homes (56%) ready to get these quicker administrations, while 42% of Scottish homes additionally approach.

Gigabit paces can be conveyed in two primary manners right now: utilizing the most recent improvement to the link network grew initially for communicating digital TV (known as DOCSIS 3.1); and full fiber, which utilizes fiber-optic associations right to your home – supplanting the many years old copper wires that were introduced for the phone network initially and are bound to be influenced during top occasions and extreme climate.

Broadband and versatile organizations have been popular consistently, with the Covid prompting significant changes in individuals’ utilization designs.

Daytime traffic on home broadband expanded essentially the same number of individuals telecommuted. While versatile organizations saw record levels of voice traffic during the primary UK-wide lockdown.

Both broadband and versatile administrations have stayed strong as organizations set up measures to build limits and deal with this additional interest.

Our information shows the quantity of organization versatility and security issues – including blackouts – answered to us was extensively in-accordance with late years, recommending the organizations have commonly adapted well during the Covid lockdown periods.

UK: Online Harms Law To Let Regulator Block Apps

The regulator would also be able to fine Facebook and other tech giants billions of pounds and require them to publish an audit of efforts to tackle posts that are harmful but not illegal. The government is to include the measures in its Online Harms Bill.

The proposed law would not introduce criminal prosecutions, however. Nor would it target online scams and other types of internet fraud.

This will disappoint campaigners, who had called for the inclusion of both. She welcomed the requirement on messaging apps to use technology to identify child abuse and exploitation material when directed to by the regulator.

However, much will rest on the detail behind these announcements, which we will be looking at closely,” she added.

The TechUK trade association said, “significant clarity” was needed about how the proposals would work in practice, adding that the “prospect of harsh sanctions” risked discouraging investment in the sector.

The government claims the new rules will set “the global standard” for online safety. Plans to introduce the law were spurred on by the death of 14-year-old Molly Russell, who killed herself after viewing online images of self-harm.

In 2019, her father Ian Russell accused Instagram of being partly to blame, leading ministers to demand social media companies take more responsibility for harmful online content.

Under the proposals, Ofcom would be able to fine companies up to 10% of their annual global turnover or £18m – whichever is greater – if they refused to remove illegal content and/or potentially failed to satisfy its concerns about posts that were legal but still harmful.

Examples of the latter might include pornography that is visible to youngsters, bullying, and dangerous disinformation, such as misleading claims about the safety of vaccinations. In addition, Ofcom could compel internet service providers to block devices from connecting to offending services.

The regulator would be given an ultimate say over where to draw the line and what offenses would warrant its toughest sanctions.

But in theory, it could find Instagram’s parent company Facebook $7.1bn and YouTube’s owner Google $16.1bn based on their most recent earnings.

It will, however, allow Ofcom to demand tech firms take action against child abuse imagery shared via encrypted messages, even if the apps in question are designed to stop their makers from being able to peer within.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden is due to address the House of Commons on Tuesday, and his department will also set out what it expects companies to do to tackle online child abuse and terrorist activity before the new laws are passed.

Mr. Dowden will make a commitment to bring the bill before parliament in 2021, but it might not be 2022 or later before it comes into force.

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, said there were signs that new laws would have “teeth”, including strong sanctions for companies found to be in breach of their duties.




Gmail-YouTube Down: Google Services Stopped For 45 Minutes, YouTube Not Including Gmail-Hangout

Today, a large number of Google’s administrations were disturbed. At around 5.20 pm, the blunder page began showing up on numerous administrations including Google’s Gmail administration and Hangouts. The circumstance was the equivalent on YouTube.

Notwithstanding, Google web crawler ie kept on working appropriately the entire time. Because of the interruption of these administrations of Google, individuals confronted a lot of issues. At around 6.05 pm all the administrations of Google began back.

On the off chance that the internet searcher bars, practically all the administrations of Google appear to be upset. Regardless of whether it is Google Drive, Google Chat, Google Meet, or Google Cloud Search.

It was not so much as a couple of moments that Google’s administrations were upset that and begun moving on Twitter. At the point when somebody began putting a screenshot of the blunder page of his Gmail, at that point somebody began to cause to notice the state of YouTube.

Simultaneously, individuals began covering the difficulties brought about by the home base.

Incidentally, on the off chance that you attempt to open youtube, at that point youtube isn’t opening, yet on the off chance that you open youtube without login, at that point, youtube administration is by all accounts functioning admirably.

In such a circumstance, it is expected that Google’s login framework isn’t working. A few people have communicated their anxiety about this on Twitter.

It isn’t that Google’s administrations have halted uniquely in India, however, such grumblings are coming from everywhere the world. There has been a comparable grumbling from California, USA. Tell us that prior to September 25, a few administrations of Google incorporating Gmail were upset in the US.

At the point when all the Twitter handles of Google were recreated, neither Google nor Google India Twitter handle has uncovered a proclamation with respect to this issue.

Notwithstanding, the Twitter handle of the YouTube group has said that they have come to think about this issue of individuals and their group is attempting to address it at the earliest opportunity.