While the final decision of Kylian Mbappé is now only a matter of hours, the Spanish press echoes the concern that reigns in Madrid. The procrastination of the world champion is no longer to the taste of several Madrid journalists. The wait is endless in Madrid. And everywhere else. On the lips and in the writings of the Madrid press, it is always the same name that keeps coming back: that of Kylian Mbappé. And this Saturday morning, the tone is more worried, even sometimes vindictive against the French world champion.

Mbappé’s future worries the Spanish press

While a public decision regarding the future of PSG number 7 is due to be made in the coming hours – probably this weekend according to information confirmed by RMC Sport – the Spanish press is increasingly worried about the future arrival of the best Ligue 1 player in Madrid. Some editorialists do not hesitate to point the finger at the Mbappé clan, master of the time in this long-running soap opera and which maintains doubt about its final choice. For the daily AS, the French international “confused everyone with his communication strategy on his final decision”, while the offers from Real and PSGare were on his table. “Unfortunately, we remember bizarre and unfortunate situations like that of Griezmann at the time with Atlético and Barça”, writes AS.

On the side of Marca, we are carefully watching Mbappé’s last match of the season with Paris in Ligue 1, this Saturday evening against Metz (9 p.m.). If he wants to conclude in the best possible way by signing an unprecedented double of individual trophies in the French championship, by finishing top scorer and passer, attention will obviously not be paid to his sporting performance on the other side Pyrenees.

“At Real, they opted for this tactic: we just have to wait. They were optimistic at the start of the week because they had the eyes of the player, but today they no longer assure that he will play for Madrid in waiting to know what Kylian will say”, can we read in Marca, which titles its edition of the day by “Doubt offends”.

We know that the player will be honored by the Parisian public and the club after the match, as part of the festivities for the 10th coronation of the Parisians, in the same way as captain Marquinhos and the eight-time champion of France (a record) Marco Verratti. From there to hope to scratch a small declaration, there is only one step… After the UNFP trophy ceremony last Sunday, Mbappé had affirmed that his choice was “almost made” and that the announcement would take place before the gathering of the Blues, scheduled for next week.

Asked about the future of his striker, Friday at a press conference, Mauricio Pochettino admitted “not knowing his decision”, being wary of the overflow “of information and rumors”. Be that as it may, in Spain, opinions are a little more divided as the soap opera approaches its end.

Questioned at the microphone of RMC Sport on the potential arrival of Mbappé at Real, several supporters express their fatigue in the face of so much noise from the corridors. If some want to be optimistic, others, on the other hand, already have a sense of the formula in the event of an extension with Paris: “Mbappé needs Real more than Real needs Mbappé”.

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