The NFL world knows that Julio Jones is looking to get out of the Atlanta Falcons and in the latest reports Russell Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks name comes up. Is that exchange possible?

Julio Jones and Atlanta decided to part ways this offseason, and now it remains to be seen which team will be chosen by the Falcons to make the trade that will possibly impact many in the NFL . Now there is a new team joining those interested in the future Hall of Fame receiver.

According to reports from ESPN journalist Dianna Russini, as the Falcons continue to receive calls from interested teams, the Seahawks have had internal discussions about a possible trade with Atlanta.

The journalist then adds a not minor fact for the consideration of the rumor, which is that the QB of the NFC West franchise, Russell Wilson , has spoken with the WR of the Georgia team about the possibility of playing together on the same team.

Julio Jones and Russell Wilson together

Although the idea of ​​bringing these two superstars together is tempting, the final decision is for Atlanta, and for this trade to take place, several things have to happen; Most likely, Jones will be transferred after June 1, since after that date, the “dead salary” that would remain for the franchise would be $ 7.75 million, while if it is done before that date, they will 23.5 million would remain. As for the price, it is rumored that there have already been offers of first or second rounds, and that place would be around the value requested by the team. The Seahawks are not afraid to go first rounds for players they deem worthwhile , as was seen with Jamal Adams last year. 

Seattle joins several already known stakeholders, although there must be more in hiding. The other reports and rumors speak of the Patriots , who in a report last week indicated that they have an interest in the player, as well as the WR to play for Belichick and with QB Cam Newton. The other team is Tennessee , who have catcher AJ Brown desperately trying to recruit the star.


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