The Spanish Olympic ‘Super Tuesday’ in Tokyo 2021

From 02:30 h. In the waters of the Sea Forest until 1:00 p.m., when the football final will be sought, an intense day awaits in which seven medals could fall. Plus, three key quarterfinal matches in team sports.

Teresa Portela, this Monday, in her series.
Teresa Portela, this Monday, in her series. Enric Fontcuberta EFE
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After the equator, still with the seven medals that this Monday will no longer be extended because the sail was postponed and Lydia Valentín , injured, could not complete her participation or her legend in weightlifting (three Olympic medals, one of each color), the Games 11th day: fasten your seatbelts.

As Michael Buffer would pronounce on the ring, ” Let’s get ready to rumble .” Because the early morning, which will be extended in the morning, is one that justifies staying up late. Spain could double its metal loot – it has up to seven options – but there are also three quarterfinal matches in team sports, including an exciting basketball match against the US . And on the international side, the media claim of the return of Simone Biles (10:50 in the Peninsula) to compete on the balance bar .

To order chronologically, the alarm should be set at 2:30 in the morning. There Teresa Portela inaugurates the dance , in her sixth Games, which this Monday prevailed in her K-1,200 series and will try to sneak into a new Olympic final (4:37). And then also canoeing, Cayetano García and Pablo Martínez , in the C2-1000, who also advanced after a creditable second place in the tie. The young Sevillians, in their Olympic premiere, will seek the final starting at 2:44 am (the medals are decided at 4:53 am).


Later, if you hold on to sleep, you would have to put your eyes on the candle, where the national delegation plays three medal options. After the postponement of this Monday due to lack of wind in Enoshima Bay, four classes will compete for their medal races . Decisive races in just four hours. At 5:33, the female 49er; an hour later, the male 49er; at 7:33, the Finn; and an hour later, the Nacra. In the first three classes, the Spanish crews are very close to the podium.

In the early hours, Tamara Echegoyen and Paula Barceló will have to come back four points from fourth position. Later, Iago López and Diego Botín will start third with a 10-point advantage over the fourth. And in the third turn, Joan Cardona , also third, starts with eight points of margin compared to his pursuer. The peculiarity of the medal race , which scores double, allows you to think of any scenario, from three celebrations to three disappointments, but at least two metals seem more than possible.

Meanwhile, the morning at the Olympic Stadium, with nationals in the 1,500 and 400 women’s series. In the afternoon, at noon in Spain, the first series of 110 meters hurdles (it will be Asier Martínez and not Orlando Ortega , who lost at the last minute due to injury ) and the semifinal of the 5,000 with Mo Katir . Also the pole vault finals ( Armand Duplantis ), women’s 800 and 200 meters, among others.

With dawn it will be the turn of team sports. First, men’s handball (6:15 am), where Spain will seek the semifinals against Sweden. Soon (6:40 h.), Basketball, with a classic between the USA Team and Spain in Saitama. At the end of both, at 8.30, the women’s water polo will try its podium option in its duel against China.

To make time until the last big date of the day, the soccer semifinal against Japan (1:00 p.m.), a novelty. Climber Alberto Ginés makes his debut in some Games , like his modality.

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