Children up to 15 times more microplastic than adults

Small children’s teeth are coming out, give them teethers or plastic dolls to chew on. Yes, things are often heard in homes. Attention! Doing so can prove to be very dangerous. A research has revealed that 15 times more microplastics are found in the body of children than adults. Microplastics are small plastic particles whose thickness is less than 5 mm. These particles are released from home synthetic carpets and even synthetic fabrics. Some particles are so small that they are not even visible.

These are found more in the body of children because children often have a habit of putting things in their mouth. Along with this, parents also give plastic things to the children to play with. And they even offer to suck and suck on plastic nipples. Household micro plastics are polythene teraflate (PET) and polycarbonate (PC). More than 6 out of 10 children in the US have been found to have microplastics.

How to get rid of microplastics According to research from Duke University, traces of microplastics have also been found in fish. They have a bad effect on the fish. This can be solved only by going to reduce the production of microplastics. The use and purchase of synthetic fibers should also be reduced.

How do microplastics increase health hazards?

Scientists believe that microplastics are eliminated from the body. But now research has revealed that they do not come out of the body. This causes irritation in the body and also disturbs the digestive system. Experiments done on animals in the lab have shown that in some cases death is also due to infection in the cells.

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