• Confidence because 87% of adults have received a single dose of the vaccine and 68% have received both

Britain was fully unlocked on Monday. That too at a time when the world’s highest number of corona cases are coming to the fore. On Sunday, 48 thousand cases were found in Britain. Britain also has the confidence to unlock the country amid the third wave, as it has administered a single dose of the vaccine to 87% of the country’s adults and 68% to both.

The special thing is that in Britain with a population of 670 million, 54% of the population has been vaccinated. Now it is not even legal to wear a mask here. On the other hand, the easing of restrictions is being called Freedom Day. Nightclubs open all night after 15 months at full capacity and with no restrictions.

There were queues outside most clubs and bars since Sunday night. In many places, people had to wait for two hours. On Monday, for the first time since the restrictions were imposed in March last year, people enjoyed the party without any restrictions.

Here, the knock of the new virus in Britain, 154 cases of ‘noro’ virus were found

Amidst the third wave of Corona, a new virus has knocked in Britain. According to Public Health England, 154 cases of the ‘noro’ virus have been found in Britain. According to PHE, a person coming in contact with an infected person can also become infected. Symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, and abdominal pain. Inflammation and irritation in the intestines and stomach may occur. Symptoms begin to appear 12 to 48 hours after infection. It lasts for one to three days.

Ban for those who do not have a vaccine

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak are in isolation after coming in contact with Health Secretary Sajid Javid. After the country was unlocked, the British PM told the people- ‘We are removing restrictions on a large scale. But we have to be very careful. Because the virus is still present around us. He also appealed to the people to get the vaccine. Johnson said, ‘ Those who will not get the vaccine will not be allowed to enter bars and clubs from September’. After this statement of PM, anti-vaccine protests have started in the country.

Indonesia: Vaccine to 6% of people in a country with a population of 27 crores create a hotspot

Indonesia has become a major hotspot of Corona due to the delta variant. In a country with a population of 27 crores, more than 44 thousand people are getting infected every day. Hundreds of people are dying. There is a shortage of beds in hospitals. Till now only about 6% of the population in the country has been fully immunized. Dr. Partakusuma, General Secretary of the Hospital Association, said that 10% of the country’s health workers have been isolated after being hit by the virus. At the same time, oxygen consumption in hospitals has exceeded the capacity by five times.

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