Vice President Pence’s Refusal To Implement The 25th Amendment To Remove Trump,

When Pence refusal to implement the 25th Convention, the ball is now within the court of the House of Representatives, who will vote on an impeachment motion against Trump on Wednesday.

The Vice-President will hold a cabinet meeting underneath the 25th modification, that may be voted on whether or not the President isn’t matched to require a charge.

Washington: US outgoing Vice President Mike Pence refused to implement the 25th Modification of the Constitution to get rid of the country’s outgoing President

Donald Trump. Pence said during a letter to Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, “In our Constitution, the 25 Amendment isn’t a suggests that to punish or remove the right.” Implementing the 25th amendment in this way would set an unhealthy example.


Pelosi and the House of Representatives were pressuring Pence and the cupboard to take action to get rid of Trump from the post of an attack on January 6 within the

US Capitol (House of Parliament) by thousands of supporters of the president. Pence said during a letter, “As you’re well aware, the 25th Change was designed to deal with the incapacity of the President.”

The White House released a replica of this letter on Tuesday night. He said, “Only some months ago when you introduced the Bill for the 25th Amendment Commission, you said that a President’s match for office can be determined on the premise of science and facts.

You said that an honorable approach should not be taken on the basis of any comment or behavior that we did not like, and any call should be taken on medical grounds. ”

Pence said that once the horrific incident of last week, the administration’s energies are targeted on the systematic transfer of power.

Between the global epidemic, the financially troublesome times for several Americans, and the tragic incident of January half dozen, it is time for Americans to unite, currently is that the time to heal the wounds,” he said.

Pence appealed to the MPs to figure in unison. He said that each American is shocked and saddened by the attack on the Capitol last week. Pence said,

But currently that there are only eight days left for the President’s term, you and also the Democratic Caucus is demanding that I and the cabinet implement the 25th Change.” I do not think it can be in the interest of our country or in accordance with our constitution. ”



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