A South Korean court has dominated once decades of favoring women with whom Japanese soldiers raped each day during World War II.

The Central District Court of Seoul, capital of South Korea, in its judgment on Friday said that Rs 66-66 lakhs should be given to Japan from the 12 victims.

During the Second World War, Japanese soldiers created South Korean ladies sex slaves. These women were named ‘comfort girls’.

According to the Daily Mail report, a maximum of fifty Japanese soldiers raped and sexually abused these girls in the future.

Many of the afflicted women had sexually transmitted diseases, whereas many girls had additionally become pregnant involuntarily.

The court said in the judgment that creating these ladies sex slaves was a crime against humanity. The victim’s girls filed a petition within the court in 2013.

Japan has opposed the court’s decision. Japan says that the problem of compensation for war has been resolved during a 1965 agreement.

Comfart Women

But the court says that Japan illegally occupied Korean territory between 1910 and 1945, during that girls were created sex slaves.

Thus, despite being an autonomous country, Japan cannot escape the case. About 240 women from South Korea who were created sex slaves had registered with the govt.

However, now solely sixteen of them are alive. At the same time, out of the 12 girls who filed the lawsuit, eight have died.

At the identical time, 20 women have filed a separate lawsuit against Japan, whose call will come back next week. However, experts say that it is unlikely that Japan can accept the decision of the South Korean court.

But the larger-scale story of sexual enslavement inflicted on Korea, which was below Japanese colonial rule for 3-5 years, has eclipsed the expertise of different so-called “comfort girls.”

Like the few remaining girls in Korea, survivors within the Philippines Рnow in their 80s and 90s Рare still demanding to be heard. Within the Philippines, their confinement ranged from a matter of nights to a lot of than a year.

When the war was over, these girls were left with physical and psychological scars: post-traumatic stress disorder, sexually transmitted diseases, and damaged reproductive systems.

Many were treated as outcasts, sometimes shunned by their own families. Organized in various and generally, competing teams, the therefore-known as “comfort ladies” of the Philippines have demanded official recognition and compensation from Japan and acknowledgment by the Philippine government of their continuing plight.


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