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Former Rubiales chief of staff says he holds orgas with Federation money.

Juan Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation’s (RFEF) uncle and former chief of staff, has denounced the improper payment of private parties with government funds to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. El Mundo has obtained a copy of the voluntary statement Luis Rubiales gave to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office on May 30. In it, he claims to have attended a party “in the beginning of 2020 in a private home in Salobrea,” a village in the province of Granada.

According to his statement, the formal reason for the assignment was “a few days of work, but it was not such.” Juan Rubiales testified in front of the Public Ministry that the residence was rented “primarily for the enjoyment of him and his most direct team, paying the expenditures using corporate cards of the RFEF itself.” To this party, “a group of eight or ten young females were invited by the former soccer star and friend of President Nen,” Juan Rubiales explained.

Also, on August 18, 2020, Juan Rubiales’s nephew reportedly told him that he needed to “create a formula so that money would reach his father.” Rubiales had just been fired from his post in the federal institution. He informed the Prosecutor that he had initially responded by offering assistance “out of his pocket.” On the other hand, he said, “my nephew yelled out that it’s not about this, but that we have to find something for the money to flow out of the RFEF.” The witness stated that after he categorically rejected the proposal, his nephew told him to “get out of there” and that he “didn’t want to see him again.”

In his appearance on Anticorruption, he also discussed an incident from 2019 that he detailed. Juan Rubiales stated that his nephew made the decision “to go against David Aganzo, president of the AFE (Association of Spanish Soccer Players), for which he did not He hesitates to hire a detective agency to follow up and find out who he meets, who he talks to, who supports him…” in August of that year. In addition, he stated, “the business that carries out the surveillance is paid by a corporation that belongs to the lawyer Raman Caravaca.” I should note that the costs of these services were ultimately invoiced to the RFEF.

In an official letter, the Football Federation denied the former chief of staff’s allegations, writing, “Neither on that date nor on any other was a single euro committed to topics that are not particular to the federative activity.”

Facilitate the President’s Workload

In his testimony, the deponent stated, “I have been a journalist for virtually my whole life, and in the last 25 years at Antena 3 Television in the area of political information.” He was Chief of Staff of the RFEF “from June 2018 to August 2020, when he was sacked,” after being appointed to the role by his nephew. Noting that “he had previously been the campaign director to access the Presidency of the AFE of Luis Rubiales in 2010, who later separated professionally and that it was in 2017 when he was called to direct the campaign for the presidency of the RFEF,” he said that he had been the RFEF’s campaign director since 2010.

In his Anticorruption interview, he elaborated that his job entailed “making life easy for the president,” which entailed planning and arranging the president’s travel, schedule, institutional ties, and assembly.

The Public Ministry is currently investigating the alleged irregularities during the mandate of Luis Rubiales at the head of the RFEF after revealing El Confidencial internal documentation of the institution that accredited, among other issues, the payment of millionaire commissions to the FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqu for the organization of the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia or the recording of conversations with senior officials of the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

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Read selected stories of The Economist with just one click

1. Jihadists around the world are happy with the fall of the Afghan government at the hands of the Taliban. This will have wide and far-reaching implications. The influence of jihadists will increase in weak and poor countries. They will try to capture certain areas in such countries. The pro-Pakistan militants in Kashmir will get the support of Afghan fighters coming from Hindukush. Read the full article to know how much the threat will increase from the Taliban .

2. Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf, former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Sinawatra and former Maharaja of Spain Juan Carlos have made UAE their new home. Most of the leaders have left their country amid controversies. People were not surprised when Afghan President Ashraf Ghani appeared in the UAE on 18 August. Why Dubai becomes a paradise of black money, read the full article to know…

3. A new type of dispute has emerged between the relatives of patients and hospitals in America. There is an increasing number of critically ill patients who survive on intensive care units. His brain is dead. The number of such cases is increasing in America, family members go to court. Read the full article to know how many cases are pending in the court.

Hamas fired rockets at Israel, the Iron Dome shot down in the air; Launching site near school and mosque destroyed

Once again the incident of fighting between Israel and Palestine has come to the fore. A rocket was fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. It was stopped by the Iron Dome (Defense System) in Israel and no one was harmed. After this Israel also retaliated and destroyed a Hamas hideout by doing an airstrike.

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) said the strike caused significant damage to the Hamas gunfire site. The site was built near a mosque and school. Israel claims that Hamas deliberately builds launching sites near mosques and schools, so as to blame Israel for damages in retaliation.Hamas terrorists fired rockets from Gaza on Friday night. Iron Dome detected it and ended it in the air. Sirens were sounded in the Eshkol area of ​​Israel as soon as the rocket was detected. After this, the IDF also attacked the hideout of terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. Recently, 6 prisoners of Islamic Jihad organization escaped from prison in Israel after breaking the jail. Of these, 4 were recaptured.


Qatar had promised to give $ 500 million.
Even before this, there has been a fierce war between Hamas and Israel. In this, Palestine had to suffer a lot. Qatar had promised $500 million in aid to Gaza after the war between May 10 and 21.


Hamas praises its Islamic Jihad

It is feared that Hamas may have fired rockets at Israel to rescue prisoners who had escaped from prison. Hamas issued a statement saying that the prisoner’s desire to run again could not be done away with.


San Francisco is the best city in the world in terms of food, culture and good nightlife, New York on 5th, not a single city in India

Known for its red bridges, swanky restaurants and tech industry, another gem has been added to the crown of San Francisco, America. It has been recognized as the best city in the world in terms of food, culture and good nightlife. It has been ranked first in the list of International Media Institute Time Out. After that, the capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam.This list has been prepared after taking opinion from 27 thousand people on parameters like community spirit, urban environment, environment and friendly behavior with people during the Corona period. There is not a single city in India in the list. According to the institute, San Francisco’s unmatched combination of progressiveness, acceptability and sustainability has been matched by no other city.

73% of those who gave their opinion said that the citizens here fully supported the implementation of the strict lockdown in the epidemic and the steps taken after that. Beautifully crafted parklets turn the city into a sprawling street party venue. 27% of Amsterdam’s second largest area is green. This attracts tourists.The people here are modern, eco-friendly. Manchester, at number three, is considered creative by 71% of people. Copenhagen was rated comfortable by 66% of those surveyed. Tokyo is considered by 82% of people to be the discoverer of new things. With cleanliness, the art of the country is reflected in every corner of the city.

Increasing restrictions on Internet freedom; Worst situation in China and Pakistan

Online freedom is on the decline around the world, including in the US. According to the Freedom House report, internet freedom has declined globally for the 11th year in a row. The democracy advocacy group said governments are cracking down on online freedom more than ever before. China tops the list, where internet freedom has declined. At the same time, Pakistan is also in the top-10 countries.

Washington-based Freedom House report “Freedom on the Net 2021

The Global Drive to Control Big Tech has expressed concern over the proposed rules in Pakistan. These rules are being said to be more dangerous for cyber freedom. There is a provision in this that social media companies will have to hand over the personal data of more than 5 lakh users to the government.At the same time, social media companies will have to set up one or more data servers in the country. The report said that global Internet freedom has declined for the 11th year in a row. The biggest declines have been recorded in Myanmar, Belarus and Uganda. Regarding the US, the report said, “The spread of false and conspiratorial material about the November 2020 elections shook the foundations of the American political system.”

Top 10 countries with the worst condition

China (10), Iran (16), Myanmar (17), Cuba (21), Vietnam (22), Saudi Arabia (24), Egypt (25), United Arab Emirates (26), Euthopia (27) India (49) ). India ranks 31st in this list. The points recorded with the countries indicate the level of internet freedom. Numbers 0 to 39 do not mean internet freedom. Countries with 40 to 69 points of partial freedom and more than 70 points are placed in the category of Internet freedom.

Power crisis deepens in China, smartphone supply may be interrupted, prices may increase

The power crisis in the neighboring country of China has deepened. This threatens social instability, economic slowdown and global supply chain collapse. The people of the northern provinces in China are battling the blackout. In some cities, there is an atmosphere of chaos on the roads due to the closure of traffic lights. The economy has also been deeply hurt. The economy of Guangdong, the southern industrial center of China, is larger than that of Australia.

After power cuts in factories here, people are being asked to make limited use of air-conditioners in their homes. A metal casting factory shut down ventilation due to a power outage in China’s Liaoyang city. Due to this, poisonous gas spread there and 23 people had to be admitted to the hospital.Here, in Britain on Tuesday, there was a fight and stabbing between people queuing at petrol pumps. Addressing the country, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the problem of supply is gradually coming under control.

Breast cancer treatment is now possible even without chemotherapy, there is no risk of side effects

There is great relief news for the people who are battling breast and lung cancer that now chemotherapy and radiation therapy will not be needed in the treatment of this disease. That is, cancer can be treated even without chemotherapy. The biggest advantage of this new drug is that the side effects caused by chemo and radiation therapy will also be avoided.In fact, Dr. of Baston, America, who had completely recovered from this incurable disease without chemotherapy. Seema Deshi has become a witness to this. Dermatologist Dr. When Seema came to know in 2019 that she had a cancerous lump in her breast, she was very scared. As a doctor, he knew that chemotherapy would have to be done.

Help choosing treatment options
Dr. Gabriel Hortobagi, a breast cancer specialist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, told him that for decades chemotherapy was considered a ‘rule, a principle’ for treating breast cancer and other cancers, but many cancer patients For this method is coming to an end. Dr. Gabriel says that the results of the genetic test help in selecting the treatment option.This tells whether chemotherapy will be beneficial or not. An alternative to Herceptin, estrogen blockers and drugs also target cancerous cells without harming normal and healthy cells. There are no side effects either.

Women said- the evil of male dominance has not ended in our country, why should the statue be dressed less

Controversy has erupted over a statue of a woman in Italy. In this statue put up in the city of Sapri, the woman is seen in a transparent dress. Women’s organizations allege that the statue is hurting their sentiments as it is a symbol of gender discrimination.The disputed statue is made of bronze. Its inspiration is said to have been taken from the character of Luigi Mercantini’s poem in 1857. The character was named La Spigolatris de Sapri.Women MP Laura Boldrini said – This statue is a symbol of violence against women. No organization can present women as a sexual object. Male dominance is one of the evils of the country.

Problems to women leaders The women leaders of the
Democratic Party said – We are being presented as sexual objects. This is wrong and extremely insulting. It is like history and a slap on the face of women.On the other hand, the Mayor of Sapri defended the statue. Said- It was created with beauty without any mistake by the sculptor Emmanuel Stefano. The values, principles and traditions of the city cannot be questioned.

Who is the statue lady
Mercantini wrote a poem for the cleaning lady. The woman quits her job to join the campaign of the Italian revolutionary Carlo. The statue was unveiled at a function on Sunday. The program was attended by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and many leaders.

Emmanuel Stefano said on the sculptor’s cleanliness controversy – People are doing evil to the statue. It hurt a lot. I try to dress the statue as little as possible. I don’t care about its gender. This design was passed by the officers.

929 people died due to corona virus in 24 hours, some restrictions were imposed in Moscow and nearby areas

Corona infection is again wreaking havoc in Russia. On Wednesday, 929 people died of corona in the country. This is the largest number of people who died of infection in Russia. Delta transition is on the rise here. Some restrictions have been imposed in Moscow and nearby areas.Russia is the fifth most affected country in the world in terms of infection. So far more than 75 lakh positive cases have been found here. The slowdown in the vaccination campaign is said to be the reason for this.

Vaccination of only 30% of the population

According to government data, 929 infected people died in 24 hours. Officials are motivating people to get the vaccine, although it did not get good results. According to a website, till Wednesday only 30% of the 146 crore population have been vaccinated. In September, some close to President Vladimir Putin were found infected. After this the President was also in isolation for 2 weeks.

More deaths of those who did not get the vaccine

A few days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that more people died without vaccination than those who got vaccinated. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that imposing a lockdown in any area would not be right. In view of the epidemic, restrictions have been imposed in Moscow and nearby areas. The risk of delta infection has been reported to be high.