Saudi: 6-Year Jail For Activist Demanding Women And Human Rights

A distinguished female activist has been sentenced to almost 6 years in jail in Saudi Arabia. Lujain Al Hathlaul spoke to the international human rights organization Amnesty International and sent an application for employment at the United Nations.

Because of this, they were charged with espionage and conspiring with foreign powers. Proponents of Al Hathlaul say that they are being punished simply for talking to human rights organizations.

A Saudi Arabian Terrorist Court sentenced Al Hathlaul,31 to 5 years and eight months in prison.

Al Hathlol had earlier run a campaign in Saudi Arabia to allow women the proper to drive an automobile. When women were banned from driving in Saudi, they additionally shared the video whereas driving.

Three years ago, the Saudi Arabian government detained a female activist. Al Hathloul had told that he wasn’t even allowed to talk to anyone for 7 weeks once his arrest in 2018.

The court has also determined to postpone half of his sentence. Al Hathlaul has already spent a while in jail, therefore he will have to remain in jail for simply three additional months

Al Hathlol’s sentence of two years and 10 months has been postponed on the condition that she will not commit these crimes once more in the following three years. Conjointly, a 5-year travel ban has been imposed on him.

United Nations Special Representative Mary Lawler said that the punishment given to Al Hathlol was disturbing. He said that raising a voice for human rights isn’t terrorism.

Al-Hathlol was counted among those demanding to allow girls to drive vehicles and to remove the ‘Male Guardianship Law’.

They believed that this was violating the rights of ladies to move freely. Government media reported that the anti-terrorism court found Al-Hathlol guilty of varied charges, including agitation for modification, running foreign agendas, using the Internet to damage public order, etc.

Apart from this, the court has additionally convicted Al-Hathlol for supporting people and establishments who have committed crimes beneath the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The girls’ rights activist has 30 days to challenge the decision. The 31-year-recent Saudi activist has been outspoken in human rights in Saudi Arabia, even behind jail. She started a hunger strike in protest against her captivity and supported different girls’ staff.

In his criticism to the judge, he accused the masked men of harassment and sexual harassment throughout the investigation. More than a dozen Saudi ladies rights activists are facing trial. Some activists and their families have been silenced under pressure.

But al-Hathlol’s relations in the US and Europe are raising their voices against government repression and have demanded the discharge of al-Hathlol.

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