Last Attack On The Dragon! Trump Took These Steps Against China

The term of President Donald Trump goes to finish. Before going to Trump, there are constant shocks to China. The US president has banned China’s largest software maker SMIC company.

Apart from this, four Chinese companies have conjointly been blacklisted, as well as oil giant CNOOC. The US Department of Defense shared this information with the media. See what steps Trump has taken against China.

US President Donald Trump once more attacked China. He said the US needs good relations with China in each method, but the Chinese government continues to break its promises. Trump conjointly said that China has broken guarantees not solely with America but also with many other countries.

The US State Department quoted President Trump as saying that the US wants an open and constructive relationship with China, however, to induce those ties, we have a tendency to would like to vigorously shield our national interests. The Communist Government of China has consistently broken promises with us and many other countries.

President Trump has announced many measures on behalf of the Chinese security equipment to mirror the growing threat of surveillance and punishment. This was when China’s parliament passed a resolution to implement a replacement national security law in Hong Kong.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently said that the Chinese Communist Party is not solely hiding info concerning the coronavirus spread from Wuhan, but has conjointly ruined the independence of the people of Hong Kong. China is attempting to steal the intellectual property of others. He conjointly needs to extend his strength within the South China Sea. Both these works can impact the entire world.

Trump has repeatedly questioned China over its role within the Coronavirus. He recently said that the coronavirus is a very bad gift given to China. He alleged that China could have stopped it if it needed to. He said that Wuhan was in an exceedingly terribly dangerous condition before the corona spread all over the globe, however, it did not spread to any different part of China.

He once again accused Beijing of covering up the outbreak of the pandemic, saying, “Coronavirus has unfolded around the planet due to China’s silence, fraud and cowl up, for which it is held fully responsible. Want. Let me tell you, even a few days ago, US President Donald Trump said that amid the spread of Coronavirus everywhere on the planet, this virus was spread on China.

Amid Washington’s decision for stern action against Beijing, Trump tweeted – ‘With the tremendous injury done to America, as I see the ugly face of the pandemic spreading across the planet, I get more and more angry at China Arrives People will see it, and I can feel it.

Their anger for spreading is increasing day by day. Trump’s statement came once Washington had already welcomed the choice to ban the Chinese app in India.

For which his full accountability should be mounted. Addressing the state several days presently Saturday on the 244th Independence Day of the United States, Trump stated the country’s ‘progress’ against Kovid-nineteen, despite a gentle increase in coronavirus cases in the country.

In his address to the courtyard of the White House, he said, ‘We have created a record of the construction of ventilators. We have a tendency to have the best facility of investigation compared to other countries. We are creating robes, masks, and surgical instruments in our country.



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