US Tightens Up On Chinese Officials, Not Welcome In US

The US has increased surveillance and restrictions on Chinese officers. The United States has refused to grant visas to Chinese who persecute them for exposing their human rights abuses. This is the new step of the Trump administration going out of the power of America against China.

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said the ban would apply against Chinese Communist Party officials and anyone who is concerned with propaganda or is associated with the United Front Work Department.

Mike Pompeo said that people who do this and disobeying international laws, such people don’t seem to be welcome in America.

Explain that amid the growing tension between China and also the US leadership, the US has imposed this new ban amidst controversy over human rights problems, Coronavirus infection, trade, and technology, Taiwan.

China often targets its voters, human rights activists living outside China. To tease such individuals, the Chinese administration makes their personal information, personal information of their family members public.

The Foreign Ministry has named other US leaders who were banned, Senators Josh Howley and Tom Cotton, and Chris Smith, a member of the House of Representatives.

Apart from this, the names of heads of other organizations together with the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House are included within the ban list.

Beijing last month imposed a travel ban on Republican leaders – Rubio, Cruz, and Smith. According to the news agency Reuters, White House Spokesman Keleg McNaney said the Chinese sanctions are symbolic and ineffective.

However, throughout this point, he refused to investigate retaliation by the US government.

Citing growing concern over the new security law implemented in Hong Kong, he said, “The quantity of such countries is increasing worldwide that is demanding action from China.” These presidents are standing firm against China and can do therefore any.

It is thought that at the start of last month, India’s Ministry of Data and Technology had banned forty-seven a lot of apps, that were clones or similar to 59 Chinese apps that were already banned in the month of June.

Other US leaders who were banned by China’s Foreign Ministry have named Senators Josh Howley and Tom Cotton, and House of Representatives Chris Smith.

Apart from this, the names of heads of different organizations as well as the National Endowment for Democracy and Freedom House also are included within the ban list.

Beijing last month imposed a travel ban on Republican leaders – Rubio, Cruz, and Smith. However, the ban has not been told what kind it will be.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Monday that these eleven leaders and organization heads committed wrong activities on problems connected to Hong Kong.

It is noteworthy that China took action to suppress the voice of protest once the imposition of its national security law in the semi-autonomous Chinese city of Hong Kong last month.

The number of American leaders and organization heads banned by China’s Foreign Ministry is equal to the number of officers in Hong Kong and China who were banned by the US whereas taking action last week.

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo announced the move, saying he was implementing President Donald Trump’s order. “Today I announce visa restrictions on current and former CCP officers,” Pompeo said.

They are believed to own suppressed Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy or reduced human rights and basic freedoms guaranteed within the 1984 Sino-UK Joint Declaration or are complicit in doing so.

He said that family members of these officers may also face an analogous ban. US-China relations have deteriorated since the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic. The epidemic started in China and also the United States is badly stricken by it.




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