US President Trump’s Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Infected With Corona Virus

US President Donald Trump has said that his lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been infected with the Coronavirus. In the US, the cases of Kovid-19 are increasing continuously for the past few days and many close high officials of Trump have additionally been infected.

 Trump said that former New York Mayor Giuliani (76 ) became infected with the Coronavirus.

Giuliani had recently traveled to many states for Trump’s efforts to challenge the presidential election results.

 President Trump confirmed on Sunday that Giuliani was infected and wanted him well soon.

Giuliani attended a program on Fox News on Sunday morning, in that he mentioned the legal challenges faced by Trump in many states.

Giuliani attended a hearing in Georgia on Thursday, throughout that he remained while not mask for many hours. Republican senators from several states also appeared without a mask.

 Giuliani visited Michigan on Wednesday night, where he testified at the legislature hearing. Throughout that point, Giuliani and lawyer Jenna Ellis sitting next to him also failed to wear masks.

 Georgia Democrat Senator Jane Jordan attended the hearing on Thursday and expressed anger over not wearing Giuliani’s masks. Jordan tweeted, “I didn’t understand the threat I faced last week was from Trump’s lawyer. Gillian remained while not mask for seven hours throughout the hearing in a very packed room. “

The president wrote in a tweet: “Get better soon Rudy, we have a tendency to can continue!” Mr. Giuliani, who has led the Trump campaign’s legal challenges to the election results, is the latest person close to the president to be infected.

The president and his team have been criticized for shunning safety guidance. Mr. Trump was unwell in October.

Mr. Giuliani, 76 was admitted to the Medstar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC on Sunday, per US media reports.

During a tweet, the previous New York mayor thanked well-wishers for his or her messages, and said he was “recovering quickly”.

In step with a Reuters report, two sources told that Giuliani was at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC, on Sunday. One of the sources said he had not been admitted yet. The hospital didn’t immediately answer requests for confirmation.

Giuliani has been spearheading Trump’s floundering effort to overturn his November three election loss to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden through a flurry of lawsuits.

Both Trump and Giuliani have repeatedly created unsubstantiated claimed that the end result of the presidential election was marred by widespread fraud.

State and federal officers have repeatedly said there is no evidence of fraud on any vital scale.

Mr. Giuliani has been admitted to Georgetown University Medical Center, in line with a one who was aware of his condition but not licensed to talk publicly. Mr. Giuliani, at age 76, is in the high-risk category for the virus. Later Sunday, he wrote on Twitter:

Thank you to all or any of my friends and followers for all the prayers and sort of desires. I’m obtaining great care and feeling sensible. Recovering quickly and keeping up with everything.”

Mr. Giuliani has been acting because of the lead lawyer for Mr. Trump’s efforts to overthrow the results of the election. He has repeatedly claimed he has proof of widespread fraud, but he has declined to submit that evidence in legal cases he has filed.

Mr. Giuliani recently traveled to 3 battleground states that Mr. Biden won to create his case. On Thursday he attended a hearing at the Georgia Capitol, where he did not wear a mask.

He also went maskless on Wednesday at a legislative session in Michigan, where he lobbied Republicans to overturn the results of the election there and appoint a slate of electors for Trump.

“Mayor Giuliani tested negative twice immediately preceding his trip to Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia,” the Trump campaign said. “The Mayor didn’t expertise any symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 until additional than 48 hours when he’s come back.”

But, a person connected with the former mayor said he began feeling unwell late this past week.

Mr. Giuliani has repeatedly been exposed to the virus through contact with infected folks, including throughout Mr. Trump’s preparation for his first dialogue against President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. in September, just before the president tested positive




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