Scientists in Britain warn:Corona’s new patients increased by 38.4% in a week, scientists warn Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose lockdown

Scientists in Britain have once again warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the unlock. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SEZ) has said that between July 8-14, the number of patients admitted to hospitals has increased by 38.4%. In this situation, the lockdown will have to be imposed again in August. Masks and other corona restrictions will also have to be made mandatory. Scientists said, ‘If this pace continues, then in August one lakh patients can come every day. PM Johnson be ready.

52% in the US, and 41% in the UK

In Britain, 41% corona patients have increased in seven days. This figure of increase was 52% in the US, 69,213 (129%) in France and (24%) in Indonesia. Similarly, 19,390 (116%) corona patients increased in Italy and 9,541 (66%) in Germany in seven days. In Israel, this figure of increase stood at 6,909 (90%).

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