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South Africa: Vaccine Will Not Work On New Corona Strains! British Scientist Worried

British scientists have expressed concern concerning the new strain of coronavirus. In Britain and South Africa, there is an atmosphere of panic because of new Coronavirus strains.

There are many cases of recent corona strains in Britain and South Africa, since this strain has been spreading all over the planet. Meanwhile, British scientists are worried that this vaccine may not prove effective on the new strains of Corona found in South Africa.

Simone Clerk, one amongst the scientists of Britain, said, ‘Both new strains have some new options. However, the kind found in South Africa is slightly totally different.

We haven’t any method to control the new strain of this virus however we have a tendency to are continuing our efforts. He said that new strains of Corona are being detected. We hope that we tend to can soon be ready to regulate this strain further.

At the identical time, the British Health Secretary said that they are terribly worried concerning the new strain of coronavirus spread in South Africa.

However soon this virus will be completely eradicated. Another scientist Lawrence Yong said that there are a number of spike mutations within the strain of the new corona, because of that the concern has increased considerably. This affects immune defenses.

Many individuals have been infected in Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Japan, Lebanon, India, and Singapore because of the kind of recent virus found in Britain.

The ICMR also said that the new sort of virus that has emerged in Britain has been successfully isolated and cultured at the National Institute of Virology with all forms. Samples for this were collected from people who came back from Britain.

The coronavirus has undergone some changes and mutations at varied places. The reason for concern with this UK strain is that pre-epidemiological knowledge shows it is additional infectious and spreads additional rapidly as far as disease is concerned,” he said.

Dr. Guleria said extra caution needs to be taken while the new strain isn’t inflicting a significant result on the number of cases and hospitalization but owning to a rise in its transmissibility, a massive range of people might get infected.

“If you have a look at it epidemiologically this strain results in a rise in infectiveness which means a giant range of individuals gets infected. Now, if you take a look at our data for the last four to 6 weeks, there was no spike in the number of cases. We have a tendency to are consistently showing a downward trend.

Therefore it is unlikely that this strain even if it had entered India is causing an important effect on our cases and hospitalization,” he said.


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