Increasing restrictions on Internet freedom; Worst situation in China and Pakistan

Online freedom is on the decline around the world, including in the US. According to the Freedom House report, internet freedom has declined globally for the 11th year in a row. The democracy advocacy group said governments are cracking down on online freedom more than ever before. China tops the list, where internet freedom has declined. At the same time, Pakistan is also in the top-10 countries.

Washington-based Freedom House report “Freedom on the Net 2021

The Global Drive to Control Big Tech has expressed concern over the proposed rules in Pakistan. These rules are being said to be more dangerous for cyber freedom. There is a provision in this that social media companies will have to hand over the personal data of more than 5 lakh users to the government.At the same time, social media companies will have to set up one or more data servers in the country. The report said that global Internet freedom has declined for the 11th year in a row. The biggest declines have been recorded in Myanmar, Belarus and Uganda. Regarding the US, the report said, “The spread of false and conspiratorial material about the November 2020 elections shook the foundations of the American political system.”

Top 10 countries with the worst condition

China (10), Iran (16), Myanmar (17), Cuba (21), Vietnam (22), Saudi Arabia (24), Egypt (25), United Arab Emirates (26), Euthopia (27) India (49) ). India ranks 31st in this list. The points recorded with the countries indicate the level of internet freedom. Numbers 0 to 39 do not mean internet freedom. Countries with 40 to 69 points of partial freedom and more than 70 points are placed in the category of Internet freedom.

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