Psychologists are advising people to stay away from screens to avoid ‘digital addiction’

Recently a young man came to me for treatment. He must have been about 20 years old. He was battling anxiety, depression and weakness. After leaving college, he lives with his parents. From time to time thoughts of suicide used to come in his mind. He spends most of his time playing video games. Two decades ago I used to give antidepressants to such patients. But I advised this young man to stay away from video games and all screens (dopamine fast) for a month. This is to say from Anna Lembke, a psychiatrist at Stanford University.

According to Dr. Lambke, he has seen many patients suffering from anxiety and depression in his career. Among them, despite having healthy youth, good family, better education and economic condition, they are troubled. Their problem is not social disorder and poverty, but an excess of dopamine. It is a chemical produced in the brain, which acts as a neurotransmitter. Which is associated with feelings of happiness and reward.

When we do something that pleases us, the brain releases a little dopamine and we feel better. As did this young man. But this feeling lasts only a short time. Then comes the feeling of hangover. So the brain prompts to do the same thing again, after waiting for some time, this feeling disappears.

If you are successful in avoiding digital addictions, then you will definitely feel happy

Experts say that our brain has managed this balance over millions of years. The danger was still there. But today there is a long list of digital addictions. Texting, Messaging, Surfing, Online Shopping, Gambling and Gaming. All these digital products are designed to be addictive. The ambiance of lights, celebrity talks and a flurry of prizes at a single click just draw us in. Dr. Lambke says, not everyone plays games, but everyone has a smartphone. It is very difficult to use the phone less.

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