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Kit Harington: “I had mental health problems from ‘Game of Thrones'”

The actor assures that he entered a rehabilitation center and turned to professionals due to the end of the series

More than two years have passed since ‘Game of Thrones’ issued its last chapter, thus solving the convoluted plots of the Seven Kingdoms and the fate of each of its protagonists. The end of one of the most acclaimed characters, Jon Snow (Kit Harington), divided the audience who – we will avoid spoilers – was looking for another destination for what has been, without a doubt, the undisputed icon of fiction based on George’s books. RR Martin.

Like other successful fiction protagonists, Kit Harington’s resume will always be marked by her portrayal of Jon Snow. The character that took the actor to the top was also an undoubted responsibility that Harington had to deal with with the help of professionals. As the actor has recognized in the program ‘The Jess Cagle Show’, the work in ‘Game of Thrones’ led him to enter a rehabilitation center to solve his mental problems caused by stress. “I had some mental health issues after ‘Game of Thrones, and during the series finale, to be honest. I think it was directly motivated by the nature of the show and what it had been doing for years, “he said.

After the last chapter of ‘Game of Thrones’, issued in May 2019, Harington decided to stop his career for a time to recover his life outside the character. «I said to myself: I don’t want to work for a year. I really want to focus on myself, “he said in the aforementioned program. “I am very happy that I made that decision.”

Despite having recovered thanks to the help of professionals, the pandemic truncated Harington’s plans to sign for new projects, although we can see the actor soon in one of the chapters of ‘Modern Love’ , whose second season premieres on 13 August on Amazon.

Lies, secrets and a kidnapping: the keys to the addiction of ‘Cruel Summer’

It has as many secrets as ‘Pretty Little Liars’, interrogations like those of ‘Big Little Lies and the typical high school plot of ‘Mean Girls, where popularity and envy have the same prominence as lined folders and lockers. And yet, despite the marked influence they exert on ‘Cruel Summer’, its eight episodes are sustained as an entity of its own that threatens to turn the summer asset of Amazon Prime Video into a new generational benchmark. Suitable, yes, for young people and adults, like Pixar movies.

Based on the fertile niche of adolescence and crime, universes as exploited as profitable among the youth market, ‘Cruel Summer’ has greater psychological depth than, a priori, could seem a somewhat hackneyed plot. There are lies, secrets and the same story told, in each chapter, from a different point of view. Kate Wallis, a popular teenager, (Olivia Holt) disappears in a small town in Texas, while another girl, Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia), with no apparent relationship with her, goes from being a sweet and shy girl to the most popular girl in town. to finally become America’s most hated person Twists than even the most devious thriller, and they all fit together.

Its formula, repeated ad nauseam in countless series, appears here revitalized thanks to the original narrative , which structures each episode in three different years, the summers of 1993, 1994 and 1995. The disappearance, like the murder in ‘The White Lotus’ (HBO Spain), serves as an excuse to analyze the psychology of some characters that are never what they seem; Like the truth, it depends on perspective and focus.

“It was important for us to say, hey, younger people have very serious stories to tell. This is an intense psychological drama, clad in a touch of darkness, that is never perceived as light and yet it keeps you completely hooked, ”explains Jessica Biel , executive producer of the series, which premieres today on Amazon.

The actress, a popular Hollywood star, is the visible head of a team where women have a lot of weight, who star in and produce this addictive story, like Tia Napolitano, hardened under the feminist protection of Shonda Rhimes in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ . “We have achieved a medium in which you can not only act, but also have a company, create stories and content. Television has given women a platform to play these roles – whatever you want to do, you can do it now. From my own experience, I think that women want to take charge of their careers, go after their goals and not just wait for a call that may never come, “tells ABC Biel, who has already worked as a producer (and also of the protagonist) in ‘The sinner’.

For the interpreter, this turn of the wheel, which is also beginning to be a trend thanks to the step forward of professional colleagues such as Reese Witherspoon or Nichole Kidman, «changes your experience as an actor, because it allows you to have more control over your career. It’s very exciting”. Like the plot of ‘Cruel Summer’ .

Spaniards being abused when they need a bad guy for the movie

Days go by on this crowded beach under long naps lulled by the sound of the clatter (plas-plas) of flip-flops. There is still a summer cinema with a huge lime-stained screen, which is appreciated now that the jibarized screens are triumphing, preventing the majesty of a close-up where the brilliance of a glance stands out. That’s why I was happy when my nephews suggested going to the movies that night. But there was a problem: it was ‘Jungle Cruise’ and I got a heat that not even De Gaulle begging for resistance, nose pressed against a BBC microphone, in front of the German invader. I came up, very high, perhaps because after so much hibernation on the sand I needed a coven. Y

 I decided to give them a speech …

I am fed up, I told them, of them abusing Spaniards when they need a bad guy for the movie, and of the black legend that creeps into their Saxon minds. I recommended that you read once about Roca Barea and Mira Caballos’s ‘Hernán Cortés’, damn it.

I explained to them that Hitchcock always understood that, without a good bad guy in the movie, the movie would work like a charm. A cartoon villain was just stupid, he had to be at least as attractive as the main character. That is why the very elegant Cary Grant from ‘With death on his heels’ gave James Manson a dark back, a perfect gentleman who looked fresh as a brand new brush. That duel between two beautiful velvety gestures was as memorable as the plane that tried to fumigate the divine Cary. I kept on chattering, growing more and more furious and furious, gesturing like a trippy Mussolini. They looked at me with eyes.

I pointed out, with sadness and anger that, if they resort to the slogan of the Spanish kaffir, this is because we Spaniards themselves have assumed our sinister condition without question. We are used to it. They have accustomed us. And, what secretes great frustration, comes with our meekness. English, Dutch and French were much more sons of bitches than us, but much, however, almost never, since Hollywood, they use them as evil models.

Why? I was already attacked by a formidable delusion and I added that we should not forget our null role in the international concert. They are missing with us because we are easy prey. We don’t paint anything. But nothing at all.

Biden’s gaze when the other tried to sell him a milonga made it clear. Even an undocumented person like the new president of Peru dares to insult us in the presence of the King. You will tell me. My nephews stared at me in confusion.

I felt success in my hand. My verb was convincing them. Looking for a bad paddle? Don’t worry, there we have an unhappy Spaniard. But they had bumped into me, no less, and I was not going to see that movie. Before dead but intact of honor. A nephew yawned. The other said, “Uncle, we might be late. Come on, take the money and let’s go. I obeyed. There is nothing like an enraged Spaniard. nothing less, and I wouldn’t go see that movie.

Before dead but intact of honor. A nephew yawned. The other said, “Uncle, we might be late. Come on, take the money and let’s go. I obeyed. There is nothing like an enraged Spaniard. nothing less, and I wouldn’t go see that movie. Before dead but intact of honor. A nephew yawned. The other said, “Uncle, we might be late. Come on, take the money and let’s go. I obeyed. There is nothing like an enraged Spaniard.

Scammer Uses Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Names to Get Unemployment Pay

The Kardashians are known around the world, but what no one can hope is that their names can be used to get a large amount of money.

But a scammer was able to get away with it in the state of Michigan, according to US media such as TMZ, which claim that this person got more than 5,000 euros in aid under the names of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner .
Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears.
Kim Kardashian offers legal support to Britney Spears

In addition, this scam could get ahead because payments were made a few days before the software management fraud should advise the state on the need to make a second identity verification.

Another detail of this deception was that the person in charge presented himself with an identification card, also false, with a photograph of John Krasinski, one of the stars of the series The Office

photograph of John Krasinski

As stated by the aforementioned media, the United States Attorney’s Office has already taken action in this regard in addition to investigating another dozen investigations for similar cases.

Belinda Transforms her love for Nodal into Art

If the romance that Belinda and Christian Nodal manifest is distinguished for something, it is for all the ways in which they capture it. And that is an art.

This time, to immortalize their connection, the singer gave her a special work, inspired by her love story, after commissioning one of the most important visual artists in Mexico: Gildo Medina.

For 25 years he has dedicated himself to portraying, around the world, individuals, moments, emotions and societies as a sensorial record of his own history, in which he explores the transition between banality and the depth of life, with a figurative language of surprising realism. In each work he integrates hidden messages, which are deciphered with the viewer’s intuition and their contexts.

In an interview, this 40-year-old plastic artist tells how he received the commission for the work, based on the love between singers and that already adorns Nodal’s house in Guadalajara.

It is a 1.6-meter high leather canvas, meticulously hand-painted, framed in a Venetian box covered in gold leaf and which took more than 300 hours to create, due to the delicate work involved in the technique used.

The great friendship between Belinda and Gildo, whom different academics and specialists consider one of the best portraitists on the planet, began a couple of years after she bought one of the iconic antique armchairs intervened by the artist, in 2011, and became in one of its main collectors.

“In 2013, thanks to a special complicity that was born between us, Belinda became my muse by immortalizing her naked on a leather canvas that I painted by hand and that was used on the cover of her album En el Amor Hay que Perdonar. Now, eight years later, he called me to create an adventure just as magical, but this time inspired by love. “

“He asked me to create a great work, the most incredible he had ever done, dedicated to his great love, Christian Nodal, and to be inspired by their history together, so that in this way he could share one of his greatest passions with him, art ”, relates the Mexican.

The visual artist, whose talent has led him to work for firms such as Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Moncler, Chanel and El Palacio de Hierro in various parts of the world, shared the significance for the interpreter of giving this gift to her fiancé.

“I have to say that Belinda and her family are passionate about art and have a large collection of works in their home in Mexico City. She has even declared that being captured on the canvas I made for her has been one of the best life experiences she has ever had, which is why giving Christian this gift was so meaningful. “

Gildo says that, as it would be a surprise, she arranged a chance meeting at the house of a mutual friend, also a collector of the artist’s work, where he and Nodal met, in order to gather more personal information about the musician. , get inspired and take photos. From that point on, he could get the job done without revealing what they had planned.

Once the work was finished, due to the excitement of giving the gift to her boyfriend, the delivery occurred in a hasty manner. Instead of doing it, as was the idea, at the intimate and special dinner that he had organized to surprise him, it ended up being Gildo who would personally unveil the work for Christian, Belinda and their families, to whom he explained every detail and anecdote of the creation, as well as the emotions that inspired him: passion, love, generosity, complicity, delicacy, strength and fusion, represented in the two bodies that become one.

“Christian loved the portrait and, above all, the level of realism with which it was made, and the life that emanates from the canvas, so much so that he told me openly and I could see tears in his eyes. We were all very moved and suddenly a great catharsis formed. We ended up sitting on the floor, toasting, sharing stories of life and love, and I was very satisfied to see what art does to the soul of the human being ”, adds Gildo.

“Art can bring something positive by making people vibrate high. Belinda wanted to give him something very precious. Not something simply material, but something deeper, almost invaluable for the personal meaning it holds.



Its meaning

Each part of the portrait contains symbols and codes related to the personal and love story between the two singers. As Nodal likes to smoke, Gildo came up with the work portraying the couple with their bodies fused in a surreal way, in which the smoke and the artist’s body become one.

Belinda’s eyes are tattooed on her fiancé’s chest and one of her hands comes out from the back to gently and sophisticatedly hold the cigar with her slender fingers, while he, hypnotized by the sensuality of the smoke, breathes and transforms it in beauty.

“Everything was to celebrate his love, his happiness with a touch of sensuality, passion and surrealism, the perfect mix in any love story,” says Gildo, whose works are priced in thousands of dollars.

The chair that Belinda acquired a few years ago, according to specialists, would be worth about 45 thousand dollars (900 thousand pesos) today.

Kimberly Loaiza revealed that she had breast augmentation surgery and the reasons for doing it

So far, the youtuber had remained hermetic about the operation she underwent at the beginning of July of this year

Youtuber Kimberly Loaiza broke the silence about the operation she underwent in early July of this year and confessed that she underwent breast augmentation surgery because of her recent breastfeeding.

During a video posted on her YouTube account , Kimberly explained that she decided to have a breast surgery after she breastfed her second child. However, he expressed that his desire arose some time before because he did not “feel comfortable” with his body.

“In a video from a long time ago, I had already told you that I wanted to undergo breast augmentation surgery, because I was not very satisfied with the ones Diosito sent me. They were very small , “he said in the video titled” I operated on. “

Kimberly Loaiza posing for her followers on Instagram before surgeryKimberly Loaiza posing for her followers on Instagram before surgery

“I never had them operated because I said ‘well, x’. But now, after my pregnancies, after breastfeeding and after all, what I had made me feel like a little sad, like a little raisin. They were saddened, ”he explained, referring to her bust.

In addition, she added that this was not the only cosmetic procedure she underwent, as she also underwent liposuction and lipotransference in order to regain the silhouette she had before her two pregnancies.

Previously, the influencer also known as “Cindura mayor”, boasted her figure during the delivery of the Premios Juventud, which took place last Thursday, after she announced that she underwent some “arrangements”.

Kimberly Loaiza before having liposuction and breast augmentationKimberly Loaiza before having liposuction and breast augmentation

Through her Instagram account, the influencer showed her silhouette with a full body suit made with black sequins that accentuated her slim waist and the rest of her figure. She also surprised her fans with long blonde hair that she had worn in black so far.

“We had an incredible time today at the awards, all this thanks to you family, you are the best, ” wrote Kim from the social network in reference to the ceremony where various artists from the Latin American scene performed.

The influencer accompanied the message with a snapshot of herself posing with the outfit that she used during the awards ceremony and that at the moment accumulates more than 3 million ‘likes’.

Kimberly at the "Premios Juventud" after her surgery PHOTO: Instagram/@kimberly.loaizaKimberly at the “Premios Juventud” after her surgery PHOTO: Instagram/@kimberly.loaiza

Kimberly’s followers reacted by flattering her figure and the change that occurred in her as a result of the surgery: “Master, you look spectacular”, “Queen”, “Precious”, ” How beautiful you were today at the top awards in LATAM, you deserved it my queen “ and” you look beautiful, “wrote some users.

Although there were also those who commented that “I miss the Kim from before, when you were more natural.” The criticism escalated to such a degree that Juan de Dios later had to ask his followers to support Kimberly.

At the time of announcing the operation, Kim simply wrote: I will operate on my body, wish me good luck ”, from her Instagram account along with a video of herself at the Angeles Hospital in Mexico City.

PHOTO: Instagram/@kimberly.loaizaPHOTO: Instagram/@kimberly.loaiza

At that time , Kimberly’s followers questioned her about the procedure that would be performed. However, the content creator limited herself to saying that “the body would be operated.”

Kimberly remained in the hospital from July 6 until her recovery. During that time, he published various TikToks where he was seen in a hospital gown and responded to the criticism of those who thought that he should not have surgery because “that is how you are fine.”

“I think I had surgery because I needed it. In me and in my thoughts, because he looked at me and said ‘some arrangements, right? A few small arrangements, it will look better ‘and yes. The truth is I saw some photos of how I looked and I liked it a lot, “he admitted in a video.

Top 10 Richest: Elon Musk Becomes The Planet’s Richest Man, Apprehend Concerning The 10 Richest People,

There are some folks on the planet who have gained immense wealth due to their onerous work and luck. In the Corona transition amount, where some folks closed their businesses, there was an enormous increase within the property of some people. Let’s understand who are the 10 richest men in the world in step with Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

Elon Musk

The new year has started well for Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk has now become the richest man in the world. In the case of wealth, he has left behind Jeff Bezos of Amazon. The engineer of South Africa origin has a net worth of $ 188.5 billion, which is $ 1.5 billion more than

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos of Amazon is the second richest person in the world according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index. In the era of the Corona epidemic, when the trend of e-commerce increased, Jeff Bezos’s wealth also increased significantly. He currently has total assets of $ 187 billion.

Bernard Arnault

At the same time, according to the list of Forbes Real-Time Billionaires, out of 10 Dhankubers of the world, Jeff Bezos was mentioned in the first number while Elon Musk was on the second. In the third place is Bernard An art and Family. His total assets are 150.1 billion dollars.

Bill Gates

He grew up in Seattle, Washington, with a wonderful and supportive family who encouraged his interest in computers at an early age. Bill Gates of Microsoft is fourth in the world’s 10 wealthiest wealth, his total assets are $ 119. billion.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984 in White Plains, New York, and was raised in Dobbs Ferry 1. He was born into a well-educated family and developed an interest in computer programming at an early age. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is ranked 5th in terms of the highest wealth in the world. His total assets are 99.5 billion dollars.

Zhong Shanshan

Zhong Shanshan of Beverage Pharma is at number six. His total assets are 93.8 billion dollars.

Larry Ellison

At number seven on this list is Larry Ellison, chairman of software company Oracle. His total assets are $ 86.5 billion. His mother, Florence Spellman, was a 19-year-old single parent. After he had a bout of pneumonia at the age of nine months, she sent him to Chicago to live with her aunt and uncle, Lillian and Louis Ellison, who adopted the child. He attended the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign from 1962 but dropped out in 1964 shortly after Lillian’s death; he had been very close to his adoptive mother but had a much more difficult relationship with Louis, who often told him that he would never amount to anything. Larry then briefly attended the University of Chicago in 1966.

Warren Buffett

At the eighth position is Warren Buffett, the owner of Berkshire Hathaway, known as ‘Oracle of Omaha’. His total assets are $ 86 billion. Warren Buffett was born on August 30, 1930, in Omaha, Nebraska, his parents being Howard (Howard) and Lila (Staal). Being the son of a local stockbroker, he faced the stock market at an early age. Benjamin Graham was one of his influential counselors. … Ben Graham taught this to you.

Larry Page

The ninth place has been given to C.E.O Larry Page of Alphabet, a company working with Google. His total assets are $ 76.7 billion.

Sergey Brin

Google’s Sergey Brin occupies the tenth place among the world’s richest men. His total assets are worth $ 74.6 billion.

Joe Biden: Lady Gaga Will Sing The National Anthem At The Swearing-In Ceremony, Jennifer Lopez To Perform

Biden can take oath as America’s 46th president at a ceremony on January twenty at the West Front in the capital, Washington. Lady Gaga can sing the national anthem while Jennifer Lopez can perform the music at the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected US President Joe Biden.

Biden will take oath as America’s 46th president at a ceremony on January 20 at the West Front within the capital, Washington.

Earlier it had been reported that Tom Hanks would host a ninety-minute show in primetime on TV during Biden’s swearing-in program. Apart from this, there are reports of Justin Timberlake, John Bon Jivo, Demi Lovato, and Ant Clemons performing.

Let us understand that the outgoing President Donald Trump of America has said that he can not attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. Trump himself announced the tweet. He said, “Let me tell those who are asking that I can not attend the oath on January 20.”

Jennifer Lopez

President Donald Trump issued an emergency declaration before the newly elected President Joe Biden’s January twenty swearing-in ceremony and amidst growing considerations from local and federal officers over fears of violence during that point.

After this announcement, the Ministry of Home Affairs and therefore the Federal Emergency Management Agency have got permission to coordinate with local authorities as required.

Let me tell you that on January 7, a crowd of Trump supporters attacked the Capitol (US Parliament House). The attack was created when Parliament formally began counting Electoral College votes to authenticate Trump’s defeat. Five folks died in that violence.

Gaga and Lopez will perform during the ceremony itself, prevailed the steps of the Capitol building, which still bears the scars of the January 6 attack.

Joe Biden

Gaga has been a vocal supporter of Biden, showing at his campaign finale in Pittsburgh in November; whereas Lopez has been outspoken in recent months about Covid-19 relief efforts.

Some twenty,0zero0 National Guard troopers are expected in Washington for Biden’s inauguration. The capital is already underneath significant security, with a lot of downtowns fenced off and beneath the guard.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked visitors to stay home because of the raging pandemic, and Airbnb has banned bookings within the capital around the time of the inauguration.

Aretha Franklin sang at Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009, while Beyonce performed at his second four years later.

Us: Indian-American Vice President Kamala Harris Elected Her Press Secretary Sabrina Singh

Kamala Harris, the newly elected Vice President of the United States of America, has elected Indian-American Sabrina Singh as her press secretary. Sabrina will function press secretary for the Vice President in the White House. The announcement was made by the newly elected US President Joe Biden and newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris.

Let us tell you that Sabrina Singh is of Indian origin and her family has deep penetration in America. She was the press secretary of Kamala Harris throughout the campaign of Biden and Harris. Not solely this, Sabrina has served as senior spokesperson for Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign and as national press secretary for Corey Booker’s presidential campaign.

He has previously served as deputy communications director for the Democratic National Committee, Trump Bridge Room spokesperson for American Bridge, and regional communications director on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The facility transfer party said that these appointments show that the President and the Vice-President are making an administration that appears like America and is ready to deliver to the American individuals.

At the identical time, Biden said that for the better creation of the state, these skilled folks of our administration have the information and experience, who will work within the service of the American folks from day one. They all come back from completely different backgrounds.

These will facilitate us to become a stronger, additional united nation. Biden named Indian-American Suman Guha as senior director for South Asia affairs and Tarun Chhabra as senior director for national security within the post of technology.

In addition to ensuring safe and secure travel, Uber is additionally trying to ease folks in this transition. The complete is educating folks on the safety precautions that the rider, driver and Uber have been taking.

Sabrina Singh

They recently organised a Virtual Panel Discussion on ET Travelworld to answer all the FAQs on stepping out in the present times and highlighted the steps that Uber has been taking to ensure a secure and smooth transition into the new traditional.

At this event, Prabhjeet Singh – President, India and South Asia, Uber, spoke about how the complete is coming into this new traditional themselves. “As a platform that has been engineered around the core theme of mobility, where we have encouraged folks to travel independent of who they’re, what background they come from; the platform has inspired and empowered them.

But COVID-19 has had us rethink everything. When the lockdown happened, and when COVID-nineteen cases started increasing, we tend to truly told people to travel solely if it was necessary. But currently, as the economy has re-opened, as we have a tendency to have protocols in place, people are starting to step out. We are on standby to support shoppers,” he said.

With all these safety measures in place and the power to bring riders and drivers along to think about every others’ safety and security, Uber has really found an empathetic and effective approach of creating rides #SaferForEachOther, helping individuals step out and travel within the new normal.

American: Kim Kardashian Preparing To Divorce Kanye West,‘Imminent’ Reports

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage seems to be “effectively over” as they need “no plans” to start out living together any time soon. The forty-year-recent reality star and entrepreneur continues to measure in Los Angeles with their four youngsters while rapper Kanye, 43, stays at his ranch in Wyoming.

Now people reporting that the seven-year-long marriage could soon be returning to a finish. Multiple sources have claimed that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is preparing to file for divorce from her rapper husband, whom she wed in Could 2014.

“He knows that she’s done. She has had enough, and she told him that she desires some area to figure out her future,” a supply said, adding that Kanye is bracing for a filing but does not understand when it will take place.

The couple has been living “separate lives” for a few months now, once Kanye went on a Twitter rant concerning Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, in the build-up to the US presidential elections.

Kim Kardashian

Since then, Kim and Kanye have spent very very little time together, despite sharing a ‘show of strength’ on Instagram with them posing together at the ranch nearly three months ago.

They have barely been along since then and Kanye is not planning to go away to the midwest for LA anytime soon. A source told Hollywood Life.

Kanye is taking time and house to work on himself and is spending a heap of his time in Wyoming. It seems like he has no plans to return to LA anytime soon, a minimum of not full-time, but Kim is okay with that. He has an incredible support system around him that will facilitate put Kim at ease.”

Kanye is reportedly at his “happiest” when living in Wyoming, with a source saying, “(He is) in an exceedingly higher place when he is there and Kim desires to be in LA and needs the kids together with her.

The marriage is West’s initial and Kardashian’s third. She was previously married to Damon Thomas from two hundred zero to 2004 and to basketball pro-Kris Humphries from 201one to 2013, though she filed for divorce once simply 72 days of marriage.

Kardashian and West began dating in 2012 while the Skims creator was still legally married and have become engaged simply months when her divorce was finalized.

She is serious concerning taking the bar exam and becoming a lawyer, she is serious regarding her jail reform campaign,” they said. “Meanwhile Kanye is talking regarding running for president and saying different crazy s-t, and she or he’s just had enough of it.”