This beach lounger folds so much that French women carry it like a baguette

It doesn’t weigh, it’s pretty and it makes you the girl with the most resources in the world.

Feeling a certain point of fascination for everything (or almost everything) that comes from France is normal. Fashion. The gastronomy. The architecture. Literature … And even starting from the basis that the ‘made in Spain’ is cool and rarely has anything to envy, the same thing always happens, we want what is from others. At least sometimes. This one, without a doubt.

The invention of the summer that, like us, you are going to want to sign is the lightest, most practical and most beautiful lounger on the beach . So much so, that French women carry it under their arms as if it were a baguette. They, who measure everything and who know perfection. They, who even to put on the sarong or the shirt dress seem to have made a master in savoire faire . If they wear it, so do we.

Made in the neighboring country, the Neo-Transat hammocks by Simone et Georges are a double investment in comfort. On the one hand, transporting them is not lazy as you will carry in your hand a light rolled canvas fabric with two 80 cm pine wood poles (it fits in most suitcases). No plastic armrests, no awkward handles that hook everywhere. Neither an object of great volume or extra weight to add to the towel, the umbrella, the refrigerator with the watermelon tupper …

Transported like a newspaper or a fresh loaf of bread, assembling it, to call it that, is as simple as placing the sticks up in the notches in the fabric . Next, and for the perfect experience, sit down and move the sticks away from your lower back. The third and final step is to apply the sunscreen and enjoy.

Washable at 30 degrees, and with dimensions of 140 x 70 cm, the lounger that French women love will be that you want to buy. We thought we had all the accessories to go to the beach and we were missing the most important.

Neo-Transat Hammock, by Simone et Georges

Important data: it is available in the 11 most summery and appetizing colors in the world and is worth 49 euros. It is the investment of the season.

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