Niger. Washington reallocates its resources from Niamey to Agadez

The move, which she referred to as a “precautionary measure,”

was made despite the fact that “there is no immediate threat to our personnel or violence on the ground,” she continued. According to Ms. Singh, “some non-essential personnel and contractors” had already left the country a few weeks ago. On July 26, the military in Niger deposed the government of Mohamed Bazoum and placed the president, together with his family, under house arrest in the presidential palace. There are approximately 1,100 American troops now stationed in Niger. They have been conducting operations against several jihadist groups that are operating in the region.

According to an announcement made by the Pentagon on Thursday, the United States has begun “as a precaution” to redeploy its forces in Niger, which was the scene of a coup d’etat at the end of July. According to statements made by spokeswoman Sabrina Singh to the press, the United States Department of Defence “is repositioning part of its personnel and resources from Air Base 101 in Niamey to Air Base 201 in Agadez,” which is located further north.

“There is no immediate threat to our personnel or violence on the ground,” added the spokesperson, who is only using the “precautionary” concept in this situation. Early in the month of August, the United States Department of State issued an order for all non-essential workers at the United States Embassy in Niamey to leave the country. This came after the United States Army had already called off their joint exercises with the Nigerien Army.

There is “no link” between “what the French army is doing” and “the transfer that the Americans made.”

On July 26, the military ousted Mohamed Bazoum as president of Niger and placed him and his family under house arrest in the presidential palace. Bazoum was overthrown by soldiers. About 1,100 American soldiers are currently stationed in Niger, where they are engaged in operations against jihadist groups that are active in this region. France, for its part, has approximately 1,500 soldiers in Niger who are also engaged in the fight against jihadists. These soldiers are currently in a very precarious situation due to the fact that the military leaders who were responsible for the coup d’état have denounced the defense agreements that link them to Paris and have demanded that France remove its soldiers from the country.

It has been recognized by Paris that “exchanges” are taking place between the French and Nigerien militaries over the withdrawal of “certain military elements” from Niger that are under French control. Sabrina Singh has given her word that there is “no link” between the movement of American forces and “what the French army is doing at the moment.” Despite this, she has given her word that there is Especially considering the fact that the United States appears to be unconcerned about the future and has expressed the expectation “that the diplomatic discussions will continue and that the situation in Niger will be resolved diplomatically,” she said.

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