In a pub in California, an ex-cop kills at least three people and hurts his wife.

A retired police officer opened fire at a pub in California

On Wednesday night, he killed three people and injured six others, including his wife, with whom he was going through the process of divorcing. Among the injured was the officer’s own wife.

According to the authorities, the suspect who opened fire died as a result of a confrontation with the policemen who arrived on the scene. His wife was injured in the shooting and did not die,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Office stated Thursday on X (ex-Twitter), identifying the shooter as John Snowling. “His wife was injured in the shooting and did not die,” the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

According to the statements of the county attorney Todd Spitzer, the 59-year-old man had previously worked as a member of the police force until taking early retirement in 2014. He continued by saying that Mr. Snowling had come into the pub in search of his wife Marie. According to reports from the Los Angeles Times, the procedure for the couple’s divorce has been ongoing since the month of December.

William Mosby, Marie Snowling’s father, commented to the Orange County Register that his daughter’s ex-husband was “a crazy husband who couldn’t stand the divorce.” Cook’s Corner, the pub where the incident took place, is a popular destination for motorcyclists in Southern California. It is situated around an hour’s drive southeast of the city of Los Angeles.

According to the officials, a total of three persons were killed, while another six others were injured. According to the firefighters, two of the injured were taken to the hospital and are currently listed as being in “critical condition.”

Mrs Snowling’s friend, who was also in the pub with her, provided confirmation to the local news station NBC4 that her ex-husband had targeted her.

Betty Fruichantie explained that although the person being shot at was her, the perpetrator was also firing shots in other directions. “He approached various tables and also shot people at various tables,” the author writes.

“People were lying on the ground, and others were on top of people who were lying on the ground, applying pressure to their wounds.” “It was just awful; I can’t even describe how awful it was,” she claimed.

She claimed that Mrs. Snowling was now staying with friends and that Mrs. Snowling’s husband was unhappy about the two of them being apart. California mourns the victims of last night’s horrific shooting at Cook’s Corner,” Governor Gavin Newsom stated in a statement about the state’s response to the tragedy.

“Two-thirds of mass shooters in the United States have a history of domestic violence,” said the Democrat, bringing up the fact that the law in California permits the seizure of firearms from husbands who pose a threat to their wives. This was in reference to the fact that the legislation in California allows for the confiscation of firearms from husbands.

He advised people to “Speak up if you see red flags,” and said that by doing so, they could save lives.

The United States has a greater number of firearms than people, and as a result, it bears a disproportionately higher cost in the face of the proliferation of firearms in comparison to other industrialized nations.

According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), there have been at least 12,346 persons killed as a result of gun violence in the United States since the beginning of the year. This number does not include suicides involving firearms, which total at least 15,576.

Since the beginning of 2023, the association has documented at least 465 incidents involving the use of firearms, each of which resulted in the injury or death of at least four individuals.

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