Montreal Canadiens: from Costco to the NHL for Arber Xhekaj

The defenseman was the Canadiens' most pleasant discovery throughout training camp.

After Monday’s practice, the defender was gracious enough to return to this time. He was employed at the branch in the Stoney Creek neighborhood of Hamilton. According to what Xhekaj told the Journal, “I did a bit of everything.” I went to the backyard to gather the baskets. In addition to that, I worked the register on occasion. I was also responsible for stocking the shelves.

During the course of his employment in the retail sector, he established relationships with a number of people who remain in his life to this day. In addition to that, on Monday his mobile phone vibrated quite a few times. They couldn’t be more thrilled about what is going to happen to me.

Special Time

The accomplishments of Xhekaj are not to be taken lightly. The previous year, he agreed to terms with the Canadiens for a three-year deal, despite the fact that no NHL team selected him in the draught. On Monday, he was provided with official word that he would be beginning the regular season in Montreal. Another one of the unexpected steps on his trip.

Xhekaj shared his experience, saying, “I froze when they told me the wonderful news.” Today is a really important day for me. When I first got to the arena, I was experiencing some anxiety. He gave himself some time to reflect on how far he had come before continuing.

Xhekaj further commented, saying, “It’s incredible what I’ve been through in the last three seasons.” A consequence like that is inconceivable to me. I make the most of the situations I find myself in. I am going to keep working toward making sure that everything stays the same.

A target in the back?

During the course of training camp, Xhekaj swiftly became known for his tenacity and hardness. When the situation called for it, he spoke up for his comrades without any hesitation.

After that, he accepted requests to play for opposing teams, one of which was the Ottawa Senators. He demonstrated that he was capable of standing his ground with just his fists.

It’s possible that the 21-year-old defenceman might become a target for teams all over.

He pleaded with us, saying, “I don’t think that’s going to happen.” I engaged in combat with rugged individuals. I have nothing to lose by trying it out. I will not give in to anyone’s demands.

That will be their problem if someone wants to oppose me,” the speaker said.

As a result of the play he showed at training camp, he may receive invitations to play from more skilled NHL players in the weeks to come. He is fully aware that in order to maintain his position, he will have to strategically choose the times when he will defend his colleagues.

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