A Tinder date turns into a burglary

According to the New York Post, a man was rather taken aback when he saw an armed pair turn up at the meeting spot while he was on his way to join his date that he had met on Tinder.

The victim was reportedly received by two suspects, Jose Sandoval Jaquez and Crystal Hulsey

upon his arrival at an Embassy Suites hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona, last month. The property is located in the state of Arizona. According to the information provided in the police complaint, Jaquez is accused of pointing a gun at the victim and asking him to hand over his cell phone as well as other valuables.

According to the allegations, the individual was also coerced into handing up his identification cards, PIN numbers, and financial account information. After that, the victim was allegedly coerced into going to a bank with the two suspects while listening to them give directions through the car window. At that moment, she would have taken it out of the ATM. Since the event that occurred has been taken from his account. It is believed that the pair drove off in the automobile.

Because the two suspects used their true identities while checking into the hotel and when withdrawing money from the bank, the authorities were able to identify them.

Police Pursuits

With the victim’s car, Jose Sandoval Jaquez and Crystal Hulsey drove to California and Las Vegas, while being sought by police. They would have abandoned the automobile before fleeing. The vehicle was found in September a weapon was in it.

They found another method to return to Phoenix.

Later that week, officers stumbled upon an internet ad for an escort, whose phone number matched Crystal Hulsey’s. They planned a rendezvous with her at a hotel.

Officers made several attempts to place Ms. Hulsey and Mr. Jaquez, who was driving the vehicle, under arrest upon their arrival at the scene; however, they were unsuccessful. The duo was successful in escaping once more by taking to their heels.

However, their freedom did not last long, as they were involved in a collision with another vehicle while driving on the incorrect side of the highway. In addition to this, it is believed that they robbed another driver while they were evading authorities.

They were taken into custody by the authorities at last.

The duo is accused of assault with a weapon, armed robbery, robbery, and theft of a car. The allegations have been leveled against them. According to the station’s investigation, the couple drove to California and Las Vegas in the victim’s vehicle before being attempted to be pulled down by law enforcement in Las Vegas. It was alleged that the two individuals abandoned the vehicle and escaped on foot, eventually hitching a ride back to Phoenix.

On September 25, a firearm was apparently discovered inside the vehicle that belonged to the victim. According to the report, later that same week, Phoenix police found an internet escort ad that matched Hulsey’s number and lined up a location to meet the woman. This was done in accordance with the investigation. According to Fox 10, the police attempted to place Hulsey and Jaquez under arrest when they arrived at the La Quinta Inn in a Nissan Rogue driven by Jaquez. However, the two evaded capture by fleeing the scene in a hurry. During the high-speed pursuit, the couple allegedly attempted to flee the scene by kidnapping the driver of another vehicle and then driving away in their own vehicle. According to Fox 10, their attempt to evade capture was ultimately unsuccessful because they were driving on the incorrect side of a roadway when they were involved in a collision with another car. It was stated that they attempted to steal yet another vehicle; however, this time the police intervened and took them into custody.

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