Complaint filed against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

On Martha's Vineyard, a group of about 50 Venezuelan migrants, including children, landed on Wednesday. They were then temporarily housed at a nearby military base.

In this case in a Massachusetts court,

several of these migrants and an advocacy organization believe they were lured with McDonald’s vouchers and promises of assistance once there. ‘island.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, his transportation chief Jared Perdue, and many unnamed people are accused of “baiting plaintiffs by abusing their most fundamental needs” and making “false promises” of jobs and homes.

According to the lawsuit submitted by the group of associations for the protection of the rights of migrants, Alianza Americas, these individuals “manipulated [the migrants], deprived them of their dignity. in order to pursue an illegal purpose and political intentions”.

The group of roughly fifty Venezuelan migrants, including children, landed on Wednesday by plane on the island of Martha’s Vineyard – a vacation for the elite who entertained the Kennedys, the Clintons, or the Obamas – before being temporarily received at a nearby military post.

Ron DeSantis had claimed responsibility for sending these migrants, joining a movement launched by the Republican governors of Texas and Arizona to send migrants to Democratic cities in the north and east of the country, in a gesture very policy for their constituents. This movement was to send migrants to Democratic cities in an effort to appease their constituents.

(New York) A complaint that was filed on Tuesday against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accuses him of deceiving migrants into getting them to board a plane last week that was heading for an expensive island in the northeastern United States.

In the complaint that was submitted on Tuesday, the plaintiffs request that the judge grant their request to allow the formation of a class action in this matter, and that the opposing parties be prohibited from using “fraud and erroneous representations” to “lead migrants to go to another State,” and that they are awarded damages.

Tuesday was also highlighted by confusion on the anticipated arrival of a plane carrying similar migrants from Texas to the state of Delaware. Delaware is located close to Washington and is a popular weekend destination for Vice President Joe Biden. -ends.

According to the flight monitoring services, the plane that was supposed to land at the tiny airfield in Georgetown had not yet arrived and had instead adjusted its route to proceed to Nashville and then to New Jersey. This information was available in the early evening.

Together with interpreters, organizations from civil society traveled to meet and greet the migrants.

Immigration policy is a contentious issue in the United States, and it has become even more contentious in the last few weeks before the midterm elections because the stakes are so high. Republicans have accused Joe Biden of making the border with Mexico into a sieve.

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