Check Child’s Lottery 2022 | Find out if your tenth has a prize

Child’s Lottery Draw
It is a great opportunity to find the luck that you did not get in the last Christmas draw, or simply to get a good pinch of money for tenth. So much so, that by probability it is even more likely that your ticket will be awarded in this draw than in the previous one, so check your ticket well because you could be one of the winners.

The ideal thing before the draw is to keep the tenths in a safe place, in the case of having the physical ticket, or a record of any type if it is about shares or tenths bought halfway. Once we have the final list of tenths that we play in the Child’s Draw a very useful option is to use a online tenths checker like the one provided by ABC.

To check if a number has been awarded, you only have to enter the number of the tenth in the box that appears on the left, check that the amount for which you play is correct and then press the button on the right. Next, a screen will appear where it will be shown if you have been awarded or not.

In this Three Kings Day special giveaway Numerous prizes are distributed, some of them very different from the Christmas draw. Among the most notable differences, the approximations, which give a prize to the numbers immediately before and after the first and second prize, in addition to the aforementioned refunds, which are 3 in this draw. Here is the list of the most important prizes of this draw:

First prize, the Child : 2,000,000 euros per series.

Second prize : 750,000 euros per series.

Third award : 250,000 euros per series.

20 prizes of 3,500 euros per series .

1,400 prizes of 1,000 euros per series .

2 approaches of 12,000 euros each, for the numbers before and after the one that gets the first prize.

2 approaches of 6,100 euros each, for the numbers before and after the one that obtains the second prize.

To all these prizes we must add all the prizes from 1,000 euros and that reward the hundreds of the main prizes and the coincidence of figures. You can check the complete list of prizes at this link.

What to do if you win a prize

The first thing to assess is the tax burden that these types of awards have. In the case of those leaving the Child’s Lottery Draw , we have to know that prizes over 40,000 euros must pay 20% tax to the Treasury. To collect them, we must also know that there are differences depending on the amount of the prizes, if it is about tenth winners with less than 2,000 euros we can go to any administration lottery, but if they are older we must go to the banking entities that collaborate with State Betting and Lotteries. When the prize is collected is also important, because the lottery tickets for the Child’s Lottery may expire. The prize can be claimed from the day after the draw up to three months later. If in that time no one has claimed, the Treasury keeps it.

For this reason, although there are three months to go, it is best to use the ABC prize checker and find out if any of your tenths has been successful.

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